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  • amarynth on: October 14, 2020 at 10:16 am #4990

    RESPONSE TO anon1 on October 14, 2020 · at 4:42 am EST/EDT

    Quote: With all due respect, I am wondering about the rational behind prohibiting comments here on the theme discussed by Catherine Fitts and Joseph Farrell, and to directing anyone who may wish to express any thoughts , to the Saker Community blog. This has been attempted before, and failed..

    Just a thought, we all know that what is forbidden increases in fascination, or gains power, but for hidden reasons, this has to be directed into a community project with an ID control ethos.?

    Mental conditioning as a theme per se, is something of the greatest possible current relevance, and has been discussed on here many times, included in poems, links and videos, if one has the time to research the archives one can find examples.

    Also discussed many times, is the conviction of the individuals right and necessity to draw their own conclusions, do their own research, and undertake any process they feel incumbent upon them to fully understand any given issue. Knowledge is growth. END QUOTE


    Let’s get it clear. I have answered this to you before.

    Yes, here you have to register and log-in and take responsibility under a name.

    You may discuss your research and conclusions on this topic here. On the Saker Blog he does not want this conversation to take place. Convince me otherwise but try and use logic and not qult memes.

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    amarynth on: April 25, 2020 at 4:26 pm #4323

    It has been two years since I seriously looked into the Q Phenomenon. It is time to visit it again as some attitudes have hardened. This list of articles is not meant to be authoritative, it is a list that I have to work through, discard some, add some material from others, but what it does not, is to give a current view on this bizarre rightwing phenomenon. The scary part of course is the visibility of sheer paranoia, obsession and at times open fascism in the ranks. Combined with messianic self-delusion and circular claptrap, there is a core of Q-Tards left (and many have left) that bears discussion in the age of Covid-19.

    Trump’s Latest Twitter Meme Is Music To The Ears Of QAnon Adherents

    amarynth on: March 8, 2020 at 12:45 pm #3939

    I see you Kent!

    amarynth on: June 12, 2019 at 10:57 am #2522

    amarynth on: June 12, 2019 at 10:56 am #2521

    Posted for Bro93

    I have to “log in” there to reply and I don’t have time…right now…. to learn yet another log in.

    Yes, I know, “hoops are necessary”

    Feel free to transfer anything i post right here…over there…for now…til I have the time to learn the hoops. On that crypto-debate string………even stupid, wrong things I have said!

    I said some wrong things in past months on the subject and I realize that…and that’s how these things go the furthest and the fastest toward anything worth getting to. Some trial and error, and not an excess of caution…bogging things down to a crawl.

    Meanwhile aren’t we are really talking apples and oranges about the “one and the many” diversification debate?

    There can be a “best technology”…and it can still lose to something inferior. I fully realize that.

    However, I think that what most people are concerned with is what on earth good or bad role this subject of debate might play in the bigger picture of sovereign money and economic development vs The Empire System…as that is more important to serious people…than “getting ahead”….in a petty personal sense.

    Yet,everyone needs to “keep the lights on”, stay solvent and pay a little attention to taking care of themselves.

    But the bigger picture is what I try to start from, and where The Internet of Money fits in (good OR bad!!) is what , could never be known or discovered by a method so childish as Dennis’ pouting….wild, unhinged to reality mind associations.

    Before we leave Toronto ….let’s review this brief aspect focusing on the Internet part of the Internet of Money from the point of view of the content creators (iaon, Dimitar, Terenam 13, Kent, etc) here and everywhere:

    Ryan X. Charles on DRM with BSV

    DRM= Digital Rights Movement …

    …and realize, like it or not.. we are on the internet… ANY money for a few seconds but rather focus on your rights (versus say, Mark Zuckerberg’s rights to your very soul…lol) and the rights of others …..and digest that 13 minute clip on the vision of the “new” internet ….and whether you might want it ..or want to stop it.

    Especially “content creators”…writers….poets (ioan, Dimitar and others), graphic artists (Kent)….musicians (Internal Exile) might just consider what Mr Charles is saying could be here…pretty SOON!

    Meanwhile, back to the money, but in a strategic context, not a narrowly personal one:

    “Russian President Vladimir Putin’s sober comments to the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum were important: The brief global growth (through several serious crises) after the end of the Cold War ended decisively with the “global crisis of 2008-09”, and since then supposed “GDP growth” has decoupled from growth in physical goods trade, which has hardly grown. “The policy of quantitative easing … did not solve the problems, but only pushed them into the future.” By turning back to that policy now, the central banks are confirming that Putin is right.”

    earlier text from the same overview of the situation:

    “The big central banks continue to beat their way back to the quantitative easing schemes they all used to drag the London and Wall Street banks through the last crash — signalling the approach of another. The Federal Reserve, which after 10 years finally raised its discount rates in 2018, has resumed lowering them; its chair, Jerome Powell, said, don’t regard the bailout measures used in the last crash as “unconventional” — they’re going to be used again. After the European Central Bank supposedly left its discount rate unchanged for a year on June 6, its head, Mario Draghi, spent the days since putting out rumors and leaks that, in reality, its board was discussing interest rate cuts and increased buying up of corporate and sovereign bonds from private banks. The Canadian Central Bank “reluctantly” returned to cutting rates. And so on for the rest.

    Are we to believe the central banks, that they are just “supporting continuation of the expansion”? Stagnant and low-wage as that “expansion” has been since the crash of 2007-08, it has ended in Europe and is slowing in the United States. The central bankers know, and admit, that trillions in the debt of over-indebted corporations and super-indebted “zombie companies” will now default in these conditions, triggering a crash starting in some section of the financial markets — “the usual carnage,” as Bank of America head Brian Moynihan dryly put it in a warning to the Economic Club of New York June 5. He should know: BoA is the biggest leveraged lender since the crash of all the megabanks, and has been selling off its “junk debt” to non-banks like private equity and hedge funds, which now “worry” Moynihan.

    Another financial crash will take down real economies in Europe and the United States which have not really recovered yet, leaving them completely devastated……”


    Challenging times for small fish to survive, in those troubled waters………..

    Where does or could the Internet of Value fit in to the Bigger Challenge ………of entire nations??

    I think the answer is worth considering. That’s all.

    amarynth on: June 11, 2019 at 1:44 pm #2518

    Bro, just a meta comment on this debate … something clarified for me overnight. (Well, I hope it clarified).

    Its to do with an approach .. somehow it seems as if you want to stay ‘married’ to one crypto, with a belief that that is the only one into the future. I’m not sure, but it seems as if you think that the one purchase must be the only purchase and now you must hodl.

    So, here is where I think differently. I think we have the option to trade in and out, as some will grow, and some will fail. So, I think a better perspective in today’s market is to accept that you may have to do some trading. I’m not a trader but I’ve traded some where I felt it prudent to move out of something or in to something. That is where we should open our minds … we have choices. If we are on our toes, we will know when to trade in or out.

    A very good trader once gave me this advice .. OK, spend an amount of money on an asset that you think will grow. As soon as possible take out what you’ve spent … So, if you spend 5 bucks, and assets grows to 10, then take out your 5. This simple method has worked for me, as I did not want to learn technical trading. If you want to leave your 5, then you have to cost average.

    Makes sense?

    amarynth on: June 8, 2019 at 2:07 pm #2460

    Additional comment by Bro from the Movable Feast Cafe:

    Bro 93 on June 08, 2019 · at 8:47 am EST/EDT

    A russian psychiatrist in St Petersburg proudly informed me that mushrooms in Russian forests are Russia’s “strategic protein reserve”.

    Jared Diamond (“Collapse!” and “Guns, Germs, and Steel” author and New Guinea anthropological specialist) used his fear of poisonous mushrooms in an incident in the forest of New Guinea with his hosts to argue that their intelligence may exceed those of Western Man.

    HIs hosts ridiculed his fear, called him a fool and explained that they knew all of the uses and non-uses of every single mushroom species, since early childhood.

    However they had one word, for every single “non-natural” thing that arrived in New Guinea either by sea or by air:


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    amarynth on: February 14, 2019 at 11:46 am #2168

    The Q Penny has dropped:

    Games, sh!tlords, sh!tposting (these are not cussing, they are real words in the online sphere). These are some of these guys that kicked of Q Games.

    Unraveling the QAnon Hoax

    amarynth on: December 14, 2018 at 11:17 pm #1848

    The Q Penny is dropping.

    amarynth on: August 21, 2018 at 1:07 am #1233

    amarynth on: August 20, 2018 at 1:51 pm #1227

    Continuing somewhat on the topic of Victor Jara, mixed in with a little history. So, I’ve worked and lived in 9 countries and visited countless others. People that travel collect stuff, T-Shirts, dolls, and such like real stuff. I collected peasant style food preparation techniques and I work that up into gourmet food. And, I collected protest music, most in the Latin Americas.

    For Western musicians, there is seldom an understanding of how protest music is inculcated in the psyche of the Latin Americans. Victor Jara of course started the movement – he started something called New Chilean Music, and the genre of protest music started from there, all across Latin America.

    So, here is this band, Calle 13 (Street 13 or 13th Street) – a Puerto Rican Band – incredibly popular. They started in rap and reggaeton, but now their music is fusion and they are going their own way and clearly have a distinct style of their own. Frequently I don’t like their music, but I do like their lyrics at times.

    The Latin American protest genre is more subtle than others in one way – and in contrapoint, more brutal – a lot of satire, a lot of playfulness and a lot of harsh truth. Started by Victor Jara, the lyrics usually tell stories and the listener has to literally educate to understand it. Also, the videos are more kinda brutal on the eyes than what the usual Westerner is used to, but, this is the style and if one looks at the Chilean Coup and the other Coups that are so regularly perpetrated in the Latin American world, it is brutal.

    Here is Calle 13 with El Aguante. This means The Endurance, or We Endure, or Endurance. There are subtitles in English on this video. Even in this very modern style, they sing about Victor Jara, saying, We endured the killing of John Lennon, and we endured the killing of Victor Jara. We endure for a moment of togetherness, a moment of having a good party together. Take a listen at how wide they take it in terms of protest … ‘We endured the dust of Pompeii and Our Liver Endures in Whatever the Bar Invites – that is pure satire and of course harsh social commentary. But of course, the message that these people are strong enough to endure anything, and the power in that message comes through loud and clear.

    por lo que fue,
    por lo que ai,
    por lo que venga.

    For what is past,
    For what is now,
    For what is coming,
    The Endurance.

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    amarynth on: August 19, 2018 at 2:07 pm #1226

    The folk type musicians of the day all wrote bits of poetry and songs to Victor Jara when he was killed. Here is one by Pete Seeger:

    and a little from Arlo Guthrie:

    English musicians that paid tribute to Jara are many: Bruce Springsteen to U2 to Bob Dylan and many Latin American musicians and bands, from classical artists to just about everyone.

    Thing is, with the younger crowd today, artists like Pete Seeger or Arlo Guthrie are just not known any longer. But Victor Jara is still known and is still a household name and his music is still being played.

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    amarynth on: August 18, 2018 at 4:44 pm #1224

    This is a start. I’ll translate a little more of the history in a while …

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