This year’s activities in the tropics

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    • amarynth on: August 12, 2021 at 1:36 pm #6029

      A friend is harvesting first tomatoes and new taters’n pickin zucchini — over in the MFC and I’m putting my reply here, because I go overboard with this stuff.

      Lovely. You know what I think, with those tomatoes with the blossom end rot, don’t save seeds. If I have a problem like that, I like to get fresh seeds in just incase and I have nightmares about ‘genetic damage’ (no idea if my dreams are real or not). But you may find it disappears with the later tomatoes in the season. For watering a bit of drip line with a simple drip irrigation is not expensive but then again, I have a husband for installing those things yeah!.

      Tomatoes keep a gardener humble. The easiest damn thing to grow, but even for the best hands they still give problems until perfection. In a previous abode and a different climate system, I grew so many tomatoes that I was begging people to take and that was after tomato sauce, dried tomatoes, canned tomatoes .. Geez! I did a test there, and for the first time trimmed or pruned tomato plants. It takes time and patience but is clearly worth it – big fat juicy beauties!

      This year I’m pickling up a storm. Instead of mango chutney, pickled mangoes and ginger as I have stacks of ginger, dilly beans, small new beets and whatever else fits in a jar.

      The seed garlic is having a forced cold winter in the fridge. Roll on September – I want to get those in the ground to see if this will work for me and then we harvest organic Jamaica Tea and Sesame Seeds. (That is if I can even get a harvesting crew .. grrr).  Will ‘Covid Season’ ever end?

      Climate wise we’re so normal this year.  Lovely tropical storms or just rains every few days .. these keep the environment cool and more or less regular temps.  We’ll be turning the airconditioners of hopefully here toward the end of August already.


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