The Ultimate for Blood Pressure

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    • amarynth on: April 13, 2021 at 11:40 pm #5690

      2 parts Cayenne Pepper

      1 part Turmeric (Look for high curcumin)

      1 part Cinnamon (Preferably Ceylon and not Cassia)

      Buy from a good supplier.  The stuff in the supermarkets probably have fillers.  Something like this: or someone like swansonvitamins

      Quality truly counts here.

      Buy a small manual encapsulator


      capsules of size 00

      Mix your three spices, fill your capsules, it is easy as pie and take (depending on weight and ‘size’ of your blood related problem 2 – 4 capsules a day.  Keep  it more or less at the same time, mornings are best as we try to follow the natural cleansing process of the body.  Will talk more about these rhythms.  Too much of this would be a soup ladle full.  You cannot really od on this stuff but too much will make you seriously uncomfortable.

      Initially, the cayenne may cause a little burning in the belly.  Take a few glasses of water and you will soon accustom.  Blood pressure is regulated very quickly.  My mom takes a spoonful and sprinkles hers over her breakfast in the morning, but I must admit, I prefer the capsules.

      So if you have something like stomach ulcers, it is probably not a good thing to throw a bunch of cayenne at it.  If you are on a restricted diet for this, or for other damage to the stomach lining, there are other ways.

      Each time, I hand this little miracle mix out, the first clever comment is — Yes, add some black pepper to make the Turmeric more bio-avalable.  It is astounding how things like this can stick in people’s heads.  No, you don’t need to add some black pepper if your turmeric is high curcumin , and if you wanted to add black pepper the right thing to add would be a touch of pipirene but it is not necessary.  This is finely balanced.

      The encapsulator and capsules is the first investment in God’s Pharmacy.


    • amarynth on: April 14, 2021 at 9:58 am #5691

      This is a set of notes that need to be presented better.  So, a draft if you like:

      Cinnamon – I’ll just make a list .. cinnamaldehyde is powerful medicine. We all know: Let Food be your Medicine and let Medicine be your food.
      These are evidence-based but there is a big body of reported history. From the alternative or mostly non-chemical and holistic part of the house, we don’t reject the reported history, but bring that together to see a very wide body of reported evidence as well.

      reduces ‘bad’ cholestrols ( LDL and triglycerides) while the ‘good’ cholestrols (HDL) remains stable or improves Reduces blood pressure
      In this specific combination, heart health is improved because we’re making the blood easier to pump and giving the arteries and the heart a workout within a short adaptation time – elasticity improves by leaps and bounds – but we must be dealing with adults here, and they must assess how they feel .. and add or reduce a capsule.
      for type 2 diabetics – 1 gram or about half a teaspoon of cinnamon per day has beneficial effects on blood markers (but then from my side of the house we would formulate cinnamon very differently for a diabetic case – cinnamon lowers blood sugar sometimes dramatically and this one needs to be managed – its not take 2 and call me in the morning style)
      In certain cases repairs tissue damage

      The list gets longer. Again, as I said, Ceylon Cinnamon and not the Cassia – Cassia has too much coumarin whereas Ceylon has trace.

      From the alternative part of the house here, what breaks my heart is when folks go and read up on a herb or spice or any alternative medicine, they don’t realize they’re dealing with medicine and add and subtract to their heart’s content because some site said this or that is ‘good’. Good for bloody what and how do you use it? These are powerful medicines, especially when formulated for a specific outcome.

      In this simple formulation, while the cayenne is truly a kickstarter of getting the process healthy and flowing and takes care of the infrastructure, cinnamon is the longer-term maintainer. Turmeric or rather the curcuminoids, is the communicator between system and brain and also with its general improvement of memory (think alzheimers and aged diseases), it quickly teaches the whole system how to respond (memory is not only in the brain).


    • InternalExileUSA on: April 24, 2021 at 2:30 am #5735

      Really interesting what you said about Ceylon Cinnamon and not Cassia, Cassia having too much coumarin. They’re such different spices (to me anyway), I mean, same tree… Kind of like one kind of Kratom has completely different alkaloid profile to another.

      I use all three spices all the time. Not always cayenne which is the standard and in some ways the most predictable. Also like New Mexican dried chiles with the “slow burn”. Herbalist Michael Moore recommended those for cayenne applications, not in a book, in a lecture. I have it somewhere.

      Ceylon sticks are good in the water that boils to make coffee, tea, etc. I hadn’t heard about the effects on heart health you mentioned, must plug it into my old searches…

      I found some really interesting stuff on PubMed about Ashwaghanda and Unica tormentosa (Cat’s Claw), to do with preventing brain plaque and so on. Recent articles… Keep the research coming Amarynth!

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