The” recovery” recovery ” of the US economy in real numbers. Alexander Rogers

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    • Pamela on: March 16, 2021 at 1:02 pm #5476

      While the US Is using paper force to strengthen the US$ against all other currencies, and telling people the economy is flourishing – here is the situation as seen from the East of the Greenwich Mean Line – the Northern Nation of the world, growing by leaps and bounds.

      Alexander Mercouris over at the Duran has proposed that there is a real risk that the Bidet/Harris backers will try to take the US into a war with Russia as a distraction.  It’s a thesis Gerald Celente has also proposed happens “When all else fails, they take you to war” he states.

      Just imagine a country in this mess trying to take on Russia – when both Napoleon and Hitler were on the rise and at the peak of their power!!

      While some are thinking high, others are digging ore deep in the mines. Let’s take a look at what is happening in the United States at the most grassroots level – the situation with employment and unemployment.

      The Labor Department said Thursday that the productivity of U.S. workers fell 4.2% in the fourth quarter, the largest drop in 39 years.

      Average hourly earnings rose slightly, but not because of higher wages, but because a disproportionate number of low-paid workers were laid off.

      At the same time , large companies happily took advantage of the opportunity to get new cheap loans, but used them not to increase production and increase the number of jobs (or at least save them), but mainly for stock speculation.

      Small companies that do not have access to the capital market were denied the opportunity to get cheap money. Moreover, regulatory requirements for them were tightened, and there were practically no government programs to support them.

      Again, many large companies do not use loans received from the Federal government to provide employment, but invest in the development of automation technologies designed to replace laid-off workers.

      As of mid-February, the total number of unemployed people receiving insurance payments (and there are also those who do not receive insurance for one reason or another) remained at the level of 18 million people. This is more than 9 million more than a year ago. Plus, over the past week, another 1.2 million applications for benefits were submitted.

      1.2 million people were dismissed, and only 379 thousand were employed during the same period. Of these, waitresses and bartenders account for about 75%. 

      The number of construction workers, miners and manufacturing workers continues to fall.

      At the same time, Senate Democrats voted to reduce unemployment insurance from $ 400 to $ 300 a week.

      One-time payments, which were promised at the level of $ 2,000, were also reduced to $1,400.

      Raising the minimum wage to $ 15 an hour, which was proposed by the left, did not pass the vote.

      As you can see, caring for the ordinary population (and small businesses at the same time) is simply “amazing”. Especially if these figures are divided by local prices for rent and food (that is, recalculate by PPP).).

      And, in fact,if we analyse the structure where the new $ 1.9 trillion from the “covid relief bill” will go, then only about a quarter (460 billion) is allocated for the fight against the pandemic and assistance to the population. And everything else will be shoved “to their own people”.

      So, for example, only one bill gates Foundation “to fight AIDS” will receive several billion. Why is the preference given to a private Foundation rather than a public research program (which the US also has)? Guess once, but remember that ” there is no corruption in the US, there is lobbying.” Heh-heh.

      There are several indicators of the “physical” economy that can not be deceived by any inflated reports. These are the volume of cargo transportation, industrial electricity consumption, and employment.

      If the number of unemployed people in the United States is still more than two times higher than a year ago, then there is no question of any real economic recovery. Especially if almost all the jobs created are bartenders and waitresses (nurses are in third place).

      At the fundamental level, no one can be deceived.

      Alexander Rogers


    • Ivan88 on: June 27, 2021 at 6:03 pm #5909

      As of June 27 in USA, prices are rising and accelerating. Supply shortages are appearing. Suffering and deaths from the Corona/Covid injections are increasing. Shipping is being delayed, yet our glorious peoples leaders continue threatening & harming nations for Greater Khazaria.

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