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    • InternalExileUSA on: June 6, 2018 at 11:08 am #876

      It is a little-known fact that the US Gov’s NIH actually funds a “biomedical” database that is excellent for anyone researching herbal medicine. I don’t think they set it up for this reason at all — I think it was more to keep up with the competition for grants and supply Academe with citations and the latest research.

      Nevertheless, just about every peer-reviewed scientific paper in English, published anywhere in the world, is archived here. Most articles are abstracts only, and you have to pay for the full article, but if you can read scientific extracts, you can gain some really useful knowledge of directions to further explore, or (in many cases) scientific verification of traditional use. For example, anyone interested in “Siberian Ginseng” a.k.a. Eleuthro can search either the common or botanical name and get a slew of scientific papers going back to 1965, i.e. all the Soviet research which christened the name “adaptogen”… these papers are not available to read, merely (and I quote) “in Russian”… but they are there. OTOH, you can search “Withania somnifera” (Ashwaghanda) and learn the most amazing things. Or, search a disease and an herb it is associated with in any tradition.

      Note: Most of the best research, up to the last few years, has been and continues to be done outside the US, with China, India and many others leading the way. In those countries, you don’t have to get a grant from a pharm company that supports AMA’s ideology to research plant constituents/effects.


      I’ve found many golden nuggets at PubMed, or rather in all this invisible research that is going on all over the world every day/week/month/year. The MSM wouldn’t peruse this stuff even if they knew what it meant or how to use it, which they don’t.

      Anyhow nice to know that tax dollars are going for something so useful.

    • Anonymous on: June 8, 2018 at 8:49 pm #891

      Interesting! Nice to see that alternative medicine is (perhaps inadvertently) getting some semblance of support! Funny, I grew up in the US of A to believe that American medicine was the best in the world. Then I started to travel and live outside the US and discovered that there are many countries that are streaks ahead of American medicine. The biggest problem is the approval process for new treatments by the FDA which often takes 10 years and is controlled by BigPharma who tends to get useful natural and herbal treatments, medicines and processes dis-approved. And don’t even ask me about cost of medicine in the US versus outside!

      I will certainly peruse this database as a resource.

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