Russia and her leader – a Bear, starting to growl

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    • Pamela on: March 20, 2021 at 5:03 pm #5537

      In her own inimitable way, Russia is continue to ‘flex muscle” – to let those who need to learn it, that she is aware of reality; that she knows who is tempted to take a bag of silver pieces from Uncle “Sam” in order to hurt Russia – and needs to be warned, that it wont be allowed.

      Today From Ruslan Ostashko: –

      “<i> <b>Putin warns neighbours against using Soviet gifts to the detriment of Russia</b>

      Vladimir Putin warned Russia’s neighbours against using gifts received during the Soviet period against our interests. The head of state recalled that in the USSR, many national republics significantly expanded their territories solely at the will of the Soviet leadership. As it was with the Crimea given to the Ukrainian SSR.

      Svidomo nezalezhniki {??} are terribly baked every time someone reminds them that their “young democracies” actually appeared on the political map only thanks to the cursed Muscovites.

      Do you remember how recently the Eurocrats screamed after the Slovak Prime Minister’s joke about Transcarpathia?

      It was only a joke. But Vladimir Putin, taking part in the celebration of the seventh anniversary of the Russian Spring, was not joking at all.

      This is what the head of our state said when speaking at a concert in Moscow’s Luzhniki stadium.

      “In the 1920s – the Bolsheviks, forming the Soviet Union, for some reason that is still unclear, transferred significant territories and geopolitical spaces to quasi-state entities. And then, having collapsed themselves, having destroyed their party from within, having destroyed the Soviet Union, they led to the fact that Russia lost colossal territories and geopolitical spaces.

      But I want to say that we are ready to live in new geopolitical conditions. Moreover, we consider our neighbours not only as neighbours close in geography, but also as fraternal peoples. We are ready to give them a shoulder and an elbow in order to ensure development, move forward together, take advantage of our competitive opportunities, and there are enough of them.

      <b>But we will never agree on just one thing: that someone should allow themselves to use generous gifts from Russia to harm the Russian Federation itself. I hope this will be heard.”</b> </i>

      Please note: on the one hand, Putin called the national republics of the USSR ” quasi-state entities.” That is, he clearly indicated that they did not have any independence.

      But on the other hand, the head of Russia recognised the existing rules of the game. Within the framework of which the republics formed during the collapse of the USSR had a chance to turn from quasi-States into real sovereign countries.

      However, by recognising the existing rules, Putin has clearly marked a “red line”where our neighbours will not hesitate to change these rules.

      Such a feature is the use of territories obtained from the Soviet government in order to harm the cursed Muscovites.

      As long as the Eurocrats received at least 20 percent sane, Russia negotiated with them, paid for the lease of Sevastopol for use as a naval base, and adhered to the rest of the previously concluded agreements.

      But as soon as Kiev lost its remaining sanity, deciding to stage a genocide of Crimeans, and give Sevastopol to the US Navy base, Moscow instantly corrected the situation. Yes, so quickly and brilliantly that the whole West, not to mention its svidomo lackeys, has been getting hot in the back for seven years.

      The same applies to any other post-Soviet republics. Putin has made it clear that Russia will not allow any of its neighbours to harm us. This means that both in the case of Kazakhstan and in the case of other post-Soviet republics, the issue of territories previously belonging to the RSFSR is not completely and irrevocably closed. Life changes, one world order replaces another, the old rules cease to apply when the one who can do it forms new rules.

      Russia does not intend to tolerate outright sabotage on the part of those whom it has favoured in the past. Save yourself, for example, from the Armenian genocide. Or-by bringing a civilised life to replace the cannibalistic medieval order, as in the case of Central Asia.

      All svidomo, who from Vilnius to Dushanbe are making plans to annoy the cursed Muscovites, should keep in mind that by inciting Russophobia and actively serving American gentlemen, nezalezhniki themselves can make a key contribution to changing the rules of the game. As it was with Sevastopol and Crimea.

      Since 2014, Russia has become much stronger. The myths about the “gas station country”, which supposedly can be brought to its knees by economic methods, have collapsed. The lie about “backward Russians” collapsed when the West made a mess of developing safe vaccines against a new disease, and Russia rolled out Sputnik V first, and then 2 more effective options.

      Russia is a leading world power. Nuclear, high-tech, and most developed in terms of medicine, social support for the population, access to quality education, and a bunch of other important parameters.

      Our society is a genuine, not an imitation, society of opportunities.

      Including-and in terms of the ability to protect those who, by the will of the Soviet leadership, turned out to be a hostage of the square people who went crazy on the basis of svidomosti.

      Do you think these square people will hear Putin’s words?

      LJ: ruslanostashko

      As we can see – Russia is “spelling it out” as Ruslan points out. And as he reminds us, Russia can, and will, act to ensure his words are reality, as demonstrated by the fast move to protect Crimea and keep the waiting predator Yanks out of a precious Russian place.

      We have to hope, yet again, that those who have bought themselves a position as the paid lackey enforcer for the Gang of Yank listen and act with at least a trace of common sense.

      But what I like is seeing that as she grows in strength, as those at H.Q. for Oceania Empire get increasingly aggressive and delusional – the bear is starting to growl!!

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