Protocol (non-pharmaceutical for covid-19) for consideration

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    • amarynth on: March 6, 2020 at 3:04 pm #3880

      This series will consider the most extreme circumstances which are the following:

      – around 60% of the world population will be affected one way or the other

      – there is no immunity once you have it, and recover – your body does not generate an auto-immune response so, you can get it again. This recurrence is usually more serious as your body is already in trauma and has already sustained damage to the organs.

      – this ‘ill wind’ may pass through the population 3 times in the next year

      – so, it is not the flu but we can deal with it like the flu only in terms of managing flu-like symptoms like coughing, congested lungs

      – although all of the formal infection rates can be questioned, the infection rate is way bigger than the flu, no matter how you cut it)
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      Our point of departure is that this virus appears to be a bioweapon, designed to take out the older with wisdom and ability to get things done and organized. It is a bioweapon because it intends to take out the men of fighting age and women with a little bit more testosterone that can fight. It is not only the oldies and those with pre-existing conditions. Iran is a case in point where something like 37% of their rulers now have Covid-19 and their fighting men are also being infected. At the time of writing there are another 586 cases just overnight. Yes, they are testing. Countries that are not testing are under-reporting. So, we treat it as a bioweapon aimed at you and me.

      – Economic impacts will be widespread and food sources will be threatened from various perspectives. There is already evidence of hoarding even in the US, where people are buying out stores like Costco and Sams bulk stores.

      – This thing lives for about 9 days on surfaces.

      – The only thing that you have going for you, is your own immune system. The healthier you are, the more resistant you will be.

      So, the worst picture will be presented here, and people can dial down from there and decide on their own response. We will focus on those who want to stare this health threat in the face.

      Why the worst picture? Because it is easy to ‘dial down’ from there.

      We talk here about alternative methods and not pharmaceutical methods. The usual disclaimers must be stated and that is that this is not medical advise but merely natural health guidelines you may or may not choose to adopt as well as “Consult your Doctor Today Before you Take Any Action.”

      We will look at 8 aspects of keeping up an immune system (well known naturopathic processes), what has proven to be helpful, and what you might want to do if you are one of those that this thing catches.

      Next is the index to various articles. Please note that moderation on all comments will be fierce. Serious discussion only please and good jokes of course. If everything stayed just as it right now, there’s barely be a problem at all, apart from a cluster of personal tragedies and a temporary shortage of iPhones and new cars. But it might not stay that way judging by what happened in China and what is happening across the world now.

      This will get you out of the trance. If you are unwilling to get out of the trance, then don’t read.

      To start, a range of symptoms:

      And for interest, the school of medicine where the alternative folks like myself feel most comfortable is Orthomolecular Medicine.

      So, where does this all come from you ask? Well, it is not what I know, it is who I know 🙂 This comes from TCM practitioners, alternative health practitioners of all stripes, very knowledgeable nurses, and folks that simply dove in and started collaborating to solve this problem for humanity.

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      This is just a test


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