New Covid Information and Protocols

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    • amarynth on: July 24, 2020 at 4:43 pm #4600

      Back to Covid.

      Chris Martenson with Greg Hunter – one of the most common sensical interviews out there.

      (Hunter is a full-on Trumper and his comments are only to try and prove Trump right – just live with it – the rest is good).

      Numbers – overstated and understated and in a mess and not reliable.

      Sars cov 2 is unlike any other virus .. as it has 3 ‘attack vectors’ and in many cases large organs are being affected – we don’t know the longer term results here.

      Higher binding affinity for human cells than anything known today … 1000 times higher than other ‘its just a flu’ Corona or previous Sars viruses.

      So now .. Hunter asks, does hydroxychloroquine work (with Zink) … Martenson just explained we have a virus with 3 attack vectors. He is more patient than I. It works sometimes – and only to stop viral replication – and only very early on.

      The wisest course of action to not get it in the first place, i.e., live.

      Studies are designed to fail – fraudulent data – highly politicised.

      We now have different treatment protocols – a new one MATH+
      (I’ve also seen these but have not really investigated them, forgive the spelling – something like Zelenko Protocol or Bartlett’s Nebulizer Protocol).

      Comments on vaccines – nobody is going to take a hurried vaccine that is not safe on longitudinal aspects. And that means time.

      More important, terrain of physicality .. Vit D highly correlated with less serious infection, and added by me .. of course Vit C (we use liposomal Vit C so that the Vit C is ‘buffered’ and does not cause nausea or diahreah, and also Chaga tea, and these all do different things). We also use masks (the right mask for the right circumstance and not stupidly and I’m done with stupid discussions about masks), we are still in a way distanced from any serious outbreak and we keep healthy overall with non-gmo and non-poisoned food) will continue this protocol for as long as this lasts.

      In addition, we’re busy with hardening ourselves and our living situation to live with virus long term, and it will taper off so it is not the end of the world, and also to ensure that we have food security and income security through the very harsh economic times ahead of us. I love greens, and have 2 things going on the kitchen counter all the time. The first is sprouts .. I always have something sprouting, and the second is mini-greens. I have 3 containers and bought a variety of seeds – so, 1 container lasts us a week, and then I plant again as these lovely fresh young green leafery takes about 3 weeks to be ready to cut. So, I always have something fresh and green on hand for a quick salad, or adding to a sandwich and I’ve been seen standing by the mini-greens and picking out every different leaf to taste.

      These are the things that are important to us and makes sense. Please consider your comments and just don’t roll with the insanity.

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