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      I’ll post this in full with the machine translation link at the end.

      “Breakthrough! Combined Flu+Covid vaccine from the N. F. Gamaleya Center
      12.7K 07:58 – 13/Авг/21  Aika

      Recently, a description of an invention was published that can turn all ideas about vaccines against respiratory infections upside down.

      For the first time, a vaccine has been developed that is effective simultaneously against influenza A subtype H1, influenza A subtype H3, influenza In the Yamagata line, influenza In the Victoria line and covid SARS-Cov-2.

      What will it do? It will be possible to develop and maintain immunity against all common respiratory infections with a single vaccination.

      Let’s find out what’s new here.

      Vaccines exist separately for each of these infections. Moreover, two-and three-component vaccines against various influenza lines are quite common. It should be noted that it is currently considered (and this coincides with the WHO recommendation) that a vaccine containing components against the described four influenza lines is sufficient to protect against the disease in general.

      However, the production technologies and types of vaccines for influenza and covid were significantly different until recently. Moreover, traditional production technologies for influenza vaccines carry a number of risks, in particular, a non-zero probability of getting sick and increased allergenicity.

      The N. F. Gamalei Center managed to create vaccines against all five viruses based on a single vector (based on serotype 5 adenovirus) and using a single technology, which allows them to be produced fairly inexpensively in similar cycles and mixed into a combined vaccine. This is a real breakthrough!

      Moreover, if necessary, the technology allows you to easily change the vaccine to new variants of viruses, as well as quickly adapt it for almost any other enveloped single-stranded RNA viruses (influenza and coronavirus belong to this type).

      Like the well-known Sputnik V vaccine, a combination vaccine of this type will have the same advantages: high efficiency, complete inability to catch the virus from it, and minimal side effects.

      Several different 5-component vaccines of the described type were developed during the research. A 10-component vaccine containing two different variants of each of the described vaccines was also developed. Experimental vaccines were tested on animals and showed excellent results.

      We also investigated the effectiveness of vaccines when the virus protein and the protein encoded by vector insertion do not fully match. It turned out that the vaccine remains effective when there are quite serious differences in the proteins of the virus and the vaccine.

      In addition, the possibility of injecting the combined vaccine intramuscularly (by injection), intranasally (by spray), and in combination was investigated. It turned out that the vaccine can be administered in any way. However, the combined method (injection+spray) showed the greatest effectiveness, as it allows you to more effectively deal with diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract simultaneously.”


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