Bad news from Russia – the need for cultural sovereignty still not understood

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    • Pamela on: March 19, 2021 at 6:44 pm #5515

      “Liberal arts” by Kudrin and Soros

      The first University of liberal arts and Sciences will open in Russia. On March 1, the academic Council of St. Petersburg state University (SPBU) approved the separation of the faculty of the same name from the University

      To understand what is happening, we will also recall this:

      The faculty of liberal arts and Sciences (Smolny Institute of liberal arts and Sciences) is a faculty of Saint Petersburg state University, established in collaboration with Bard College (new York, USA).

      <b>Leon Botstein now on the board of the Liberal Arts and Sciences, has been the head of Bard College since 1975  – he is a member of the Open society Global Council» and an ideological ally of George Soros. </b>

      Thus, liberal globalists are entering Russia even more strongly with their own system of training personnel for external influence. 

      The University is ideologically loaded. And the Central place is not just liberalism, but its cosmopolitan version with a denial of the importance of patriotism, national characteristics and state interests. Why does the country need another Russophobic sewer?

      But maybe educational approaches at least deserve attention?

      Yes, there are a number of formats that should promote student development: elective subjects, dual training profiles, mentoring, working in groups, etc. However, the question is: “what does the” liberal arts ” actually have to Do with this?

      First, these formats are used regardless of the ideological pumping, simply because in some situations or when considering individual topics, they have some advantages. Secondly, if these formats have proved their effectiveness in training citizens and specialists of a particular profile, then do not declare a monopoly on them and nail down a liberal sign!

      In addition, a Russian liberal is always a liberal on the state budget. From liberalism, he has only irresponsibility, unwillingness to answer for anything. So — a lot of money is being pumped into this structure, the best applicants from all over the country go there — of course, you can experiment with them and get acceptable results. But what if these same approaches are transferred to a minor regional University, without extra money and a “furry paw” — what will happen? And nothing from the liberal gloss will remain — there is no stray money and administrative resources — there is no result. And the results of students will be ordinary, and attach them to “warm places” — with a blatant lie “our graduates are special!» “no one will.

      By the way, it was the control of finances by the leadership of St. Petersburg state University that forced the faculty leadership to say goodbye to their Alma mater. Here’s another motive — money is a pity, everyone wants to spend on themselves.

      And yet, do you know what phrase cut the eye? “I would like to note that today the individualisation of higher education is a generally accepted approach.” Where did this “General…”come from ? This is “common…” with whom? If it is enough for someone in the West to declare the need for individualisation, then for the Kudrins and Grefs this is like an order – it is not discussed.

      So, it was definitely not decided in Russia and not for Russia. And, therefore, we do not need such a thing.

      For those of us who watched, since the 1960’s the decline and fall of the culture and and structure of the nations of Oceania, especially the Saxon, English speaking ones and who saw how it started from the seeding of philosophies of disaster i.e “Individualism in all things”; multiculturalism; “femine studies”; “black studies” and now “gender fluidity” and so forth, to see a new seed being planted in Renaissance Russia is like a ice dagger to the heart.

      What is Russia thinking of – to allow this known evil in the at the door.  A Trojan Horse that is not even a mystery, but a known agent of destruction and death?

      Russia has regained much of her sovereignty yes. Military, economic, political, international. But not cultural, and herein lies  her greatest danger. She can protect herself with missiles and tanks, and stored gold in vaults, and strong allies of other nations.

      But if she fails to protect herself from the seed of the killer fungus “liberalism” and “Western values” then one day, she will fall again.

    • Ivan88 on: June 27, 2021 at 5:17 pm #5908

      Couldn’t follow all of the above, but false values treated as Virtue does sabotage a society.

      America gave “religious freedom” to the enemies of the Messiah. It took a while, but, American history is a record of Edomite subversion of Christian thought to the point that most American self professed Christians justify, accept, excuse & participate in the perpetual wars (legalized murder) for the Protocols of the Richman; And now accept homosexuals, baby killing, child neutering, and suicidal injections disguised as salvation.

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