6. Use your usual protocol for winter colds / some further suggested procedures

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    • amarynth on: March 8, 2020 at 12:02 pm #3930

      Now is the time to have on hand spray bottles of Colloidal Silver (this should be glass and not exposed to light) and also old times Bleach. Start cleaning surfaces, bathrooms, kitchen counters. Decide to put a sign on your door .. No Mask, no Response or .. Stay 10 feet back. This is not a drill any longer.

      The idea here is to minimize the viral load from the outset, to give the lungs the necessary care from the outset, and to protect the people around now.

      Have on hand expectorant and decongestant – anything that helps the lungs expectorate high levels of extremely sticky mucus collecting in the lower parts of the lungs.

      Honey and ginger – Take some fresh ginger and squeeze out at least 4 teaspoons of juice – I use a garlic press. Juice of 4 lemons or limes and add a little honey so it is drinkable. Sip throughout the day.

      A Covid-19 Cocktail (shared from a friend)

      500mg Vitamin C Powder, 1oz whisky or vodka, 2 ml chaga extract, 1ml Elderberry syrup or concentrate (I am trying to find an alternative for Elderberry – it causes a ‘slipperyness’ in the throat to help what is essential a dry cough for lifting that mucus.)

      OK you’re doing all the necessary things but now you “feel funny”. This actually not funny at all, because this is the time for hard decisions. Bear in mind that you may have been asymptomatic and shedding virus to all family and all over your house and car. This is decision time for the level of isolation that will be necessary according to your personal circumstances.

      1. start taking temperature 2x per day

      2. steam with a hot water bath to loosen phlegm or inhibit further development and decongest with hot water, a towel over your head over a basin with one of these ingredients and breathe in the steam: 1. Eucalyptus 2. Thyme 3. Rosemary or 4. Tea Tree oil – at a strength that you don’t take your own breath away. Don’t let the steam burn your face.

      3. Use your normal procedure for flu, whatever makes you feel better. If temperature stays higher than normal – kick in your decision process of either going to healthcare (if you can find it) or at home quarantine. (I hope you are making soups and stews for easy eating – grandma had it right with chicken soup).

      4. Keep on with the Chaga Tea, Vit C, Vit D sun-exposure, and rest.

      5. All of your household must know how to percuss the lungs. You basically round your hand and beat on the area of the lungs both from the chest and on the back, always from the bottom of the lung to the top, either lying down, or sitting. Quick, not too hard but firm and you need to hear the ‘drum like’ sound. Do this for about 10 to 15 minutes. This is a physiotherapy technique. Check how to do it and use diaphragm deep breathing. Even if you cannot breathe too well, keep exercising the lungs.

      and an alternative postural method

      Please study these techniques carefully before doing them, but an ordinary person can do this.

      6. Consider an Ambu bag for manual oxygen provision.


      7. And consistent cleaning .. last half of this video is key. But you will see in here a Singapore study about cleaning high touch surfaces, kitchen, basins, bathrooms … The virus was killed by commonly used disinfectant (we will be using old fashioned bleach and colloidal silver).

      Added learning : First responses from Traditional Chinese Practitioners on the job in Wuhan.

      Initial Thoughts on Coronavirus Prevention and Treatment with Chinese Medicine

      So, finally, after 2 or 3 weeks you feel better. Do not jump up and suddenly change the world. It will take time for an abused and very fragile system of organs to recover. Now is the time that you have to check yourself for sufficient oxygen. The old style nurses did this by checking the nails (are they bluish) feeling the nose and ears (are they cold). Use your Ambu Bag.


      Next section will focus on frequencies and how they can help.

      Update: This is the guidance out of China:

      Update: Inside a Cytokine Storm

      Update: Elderberries and what they do

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    • Helper Bot on: March 9, 2020 at 9:03 pm #3949

      On washing your hands, and why you ought to, often and thoroughly!.

      Here’s a really nice tweet-thread on how common hand soap is one of the best treatments against this aggressive dude.
      How soap and water kill the corrona virus.

      And forget the anti-bacterial types where the A-B additives do nothing against the CV. Nor do these additives do anything to improve the other bacteria killing properties of soaps or gels according to the FDA: Say Goodbye to Antibacterial Soaps: Why the FDA is banning a household item

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    • j.henkes on: November 21, 2020 at 5:53 pm #5103

      Hi Amarynth,

      Nice work, but in my eyes still too much fear causing. Modern man has survived for over 3 million years (!) without external protection and modern medications and did much better than we do nowadays. Why not prepare our immune systems ahead of time and enjoy a good old infection once in a while, whether the man-made Covid-19 or any other?

      The cytokine storm article here tells us that it’s a too strong immune systen causing this. Wrong! It’s the too strong reaction by a weakened and unbalanced immune system causing the cytokine storm. A well-dosed strong anti-toxine like vitamin c can help overcome the storm but will need IV application. But only repairing and preparing the immune system by giving what it needs will make us really and naturally strong and avoid any excessive immune-system reactions.

      Our immune systems need one thing most, and that’s vitamin d(3). If your blood levels of vitamin d are sufficient you could french kiss any covid patient on intensive care and not get seriously ill at all, whether you’re from a risk group or not.

      Just have a look at all those carefully hidden graphs of the relationship between disease and latitude. Almost no disease near the equator, while at higher latitudes they skyrocket. This is true for any human and/or animal illness. Studies into those phenomena have also mostly kept hidden from us. Jeff Bowles read and studied over 65,000 medical publications concerning vitamin d and came to amazing conclusions. Look him up, read his books.

      Two weeks ago I caught the crowned virus after an intensive evening of judo practice. I guess one couldn’t get more close to other people than that. I felt it was not a common cold and immediately upped the vit d3/k2 from 5000IU/100mcg to 100,000IU/2000mcg and around 5 grams of magnesium-chloride and 15 grams of vitamin c in a big glass of water taken spread over the day. Fever dropped after half a day, badly thumping headache disappeared, taste came back after a day and 48 hours later I was fine.

      I followed Dr John Jacob Cannell’s advice and that of Jeff Bowles and have been taking 75IU/kg body mass per day of vitamin d3 combined with vitamin K2 and between 3 and 6 grams of vitamin c and 3 grams of magnesium-chloride per day for over ten years now. 63, never ill, never stressed.

      Let’s become smart and live our lives without fear and let’s kick out of office and imprison all those idiot fear-mongering and war-mongering criminals who have been using the virus they had made paid by our money to prepare us all for a world changing reset, from a life that is a mix of heaven and hell on earth to one of all of us in hell…

      Have a good and healthy day!

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