4. Prime the immune system every 3 days with herbals but not more frequent

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    • amarynth on: March 6, 2020 at 7:43 pm #3901

      Now we get to the immune system and the priming of that and the non-pharmaceutical products.

      Teranam13 says: Prime the immune system every 3 days with herbals ( I have an anti viral syrup called ImmuDefense Syrup by Western Botanicals out of Spanish Fork, Utah). But not more frequent so that the body does not becomes “fast” to it. Just like a knock on the door. There is a theory that viruses move in complexes of virus, bacteria, mycoplasma and parasites and viruses usually do not operate alone.

      So, how do we do this priming thing. We go through all the anti-virals and choose our ‘poison’ as this is determined according to local conditions.

      This could be oregano oil which is a superb anti-viral. Personally we will be using a lot of Aloe Vera, as we grow it and it has a secondary benefit. It someone gets sick, the Aloe Vera has that ‘slippery’ effect around the lungs, as an expectorate.

      Other anti-virals for priming may be a mix of spices, tumeric, cinnamon and cayenne. We mix it and encapsulate it – excellent for blood pressure as well. Measure this as 2 measures cayenne, 1 measure cinnamon and 1 measure tumeric. My mom eats this over her cereal in the morning, but I cannnot do that – so, I swallow an encapsulated portion.

      Vitamin C is an antiviral (we know that eh), Vitamin D repels virus and the difference between liposomal Vit C and ordinary Vit C crystals is bioavailability. We are talking about massive rates of absorption in the liposomal form. We need to get our bodies to their full compliment of Vit C and Vit D. Supplementing these have problems especially because we are all deficient.

      Here is how to make liposomal Vit C in the kitchen. Best is to have a sonic cleaner, but you can make it with only a food processor or a juicer. It just takes longer. It is not expensive to make as you basically need Vit C crystals or Citric Acid and Lecithin Granules (preferably sunflower). Recommended dosage in liposomal form (and the body tolerates this much better as Vic C usually needs to be buffered with Esther to keep the stomach from roiling up). 8-12 grams is optimal or 4,000 mg  2-3 x daily. Yes, it is huge and megadose. Start small and work up. The alternative here if you get ill, but then you need to go to a hospital that does this, is to ask for Vit C injections or intravenous. Some medical facilities do this. I’ll rather take the megadose than to be injected.

      Again for Vit D, go into the real sun for many reasons one of which is that supplementation needs to be taken slow to build up, it is easy to create an overdose situation and the sun is free. One hour open torso or naked in the sun at least 3 times a week – or half an hour per day – this is not a fixed ‘recipe’ just get your sun exposure as much as is possible but not less than 3 hours per week. More is better – don’t burn yourself of course, but get it!

      Chaga Tea – yes, chaga tea! Don’t list your list of other TCM herbs here, they are not tested. With Chaga Tea we have reason to believe from small test groups that this is in our current knowledge just the best anti-viral for this virus. There also is reason to believe that Russia has stopped any exports of Chaga Tea, and buying up everything they can lay their hands on. No, I do not have links for these as we are not supposed to know this.

      So, for protecting yourself, Chaga Tea is number 1, Vit C is number 1, Vit D (real sun) is number 1. Priming the immune system is also number 1. I would suggest that these 4 items are the best, the absolute best you can do, with our current knowledge.

      Added learning:
      Vitamin C Dosages: http://www.orthomolecular.org/resources/omns/v14n12.shtml

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      • This topic was modified 1 year, 1 month ago by amarynth.
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