3. Keep inflammatory foods, exposure to pollutants etc at a minimum

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    • amarynth on: March 6, 2020 at 7:17 pm #3899

      This is just common sense. If you feel you’ve had exposure, start taking your temperature mornings and evenings. Start thinking of self-quarantine. If you then cough or have a rise in temperature, get into quarantine to save your family.

      It is no good at this time to eat anything that you think may give you indigestion or that is in some way not good for you. Personally in our household, one person does not do well with fried eggs – so, don’t serve it.

      It is a good time to go through the refrigerator and check what your packaged or bottled food contains. I do that from time to time, because a perfectly fine product can overnight change their ‘recipe’ and you may find all kinds of chemicals in well-known product that you’ve previously vetted.
      Some baby-veg seeds to put into a few containers. These grow in 3 weeks and you can harvest at least the greens. One can live without tomatoes (well I cannot but anyway) but greens are a basic. https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/edible/vegetables/vgen/growing-baby-vegetables.htm

      Then some sprouts to have daily greens are good for you, and if you’ve appointed one person to go out for fresh food shopping, (mask, gloves, specs and upon return a fair procedure for decontam) this will reduce the number of times that your scout needs to go out. Even cheese can be frozen. Go and check how to do it.

      This is the time to stock up and don’t try to be vegetarian or vegan. It ‘aint gonna work and for sick people it is time for grandma’s chicken soup. Find out now how to freeze eggs, milk and meat. Keep the starches to the minimum and use those last if you are really in trouble.

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