1. Stay in compassion always. Be willling to serve

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    • amarynth on: March 6, 2020 at 6:43 pm #3895

      Teranam13 mentioned that a favorite compassion technique is the 91st Psalm

      – the immune system crashes while in fear or in panic … you breathe shallow when in fear or panic. So, don’t go there – keep your lungs inflated and start actively breathing deep every hour or so. You want to build capacity, and this increased capacity and enough good air automatically picks up the spirits.

      Tale of Sufi tradition: Nasrudin and the Plague: He was on his way to Baghdad when he met Nasrudin. This one asked him: – Where are you going? The Plague replied:- To Baghdad to kill ten thousand people. After a while, the Plague met Nasrudin again.
      Very angry, the mullah said to him: – You lied to me. You said you’d kill ten thousand people and you killed a hundred thousand. And the Plague replied to him: – I didn’t lie, I killed ten thousand. The rest died of fear.

      – this virus has more than one attack vector, more than one face if you like in its design but the main one attacks the lungs. So breathe – every hour do some deep breathing – Diaphragmic Breathing where your actual belly distends with oxygen.


      – Get into the sun. If this does not help anything, it will help your mood with all that Vit D that you will be generating. Also, the sun’s rays kill it dead. You want the UV! And if you cannot get it, supplementation is only partially effective. If you have to supplement you need to aim at high doses and this affects the stomach. Best is, get into the sun, daily if you can, even if it is weak.

      This sentence I cannot support by science, but we have from 6 countries that the daily, optimal level (NOT mega doses) of Vitamin D cuts infection possibility in HALF! Go get naked in the sun for 1 hour (or as much as you can as a daily discipline. Even if cold as cold helps too! It is not possible to OD on VIT D if you make it Old School, as a nudist basking in the sun!

      – Have a serious conversation with your immediate family as to what you are going to do. You may decide to self-quarantine and to set up a quarantine room should someone in the family get infected.

      – Masks are good, proper handwashing is good, this virus can enter one from the eyes, so a mask without a set of specs would be leaving a large portion of you unprotected. Bear in mind, wearing a mask does not prevent the virus from being breathed in (it may pass through the mask), but it will help physically limit the air and vapor born infection if another carrier is wearing a mask as well as limiting others exposure if you are infected. Don’t touch your eyes with your hands – just don’t. (Use colloidal silver which will be detailed in another set)

      Above all, keep your own spirits up, however you do it. For me, music is a sure fire way. For you, perhaps chanting, perhaps praying, perhaps going outside early to look at sunrise, or late to look at sunset. You cannot be of help to anyone else and you cannot be of service if you are not healthy in body, mind and spirit.

      Here is a short video from Bix Weir. You may like him, you may not and that is besides the point. Why I include it here is that he has thought this through for himself and taken an adult stance. He is staying in the community.

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    • InternalExileUSA on: March 12, 2020 at 2:58 am #3969

      This is an excellent series, Amarynth! And what a perfect opener…

      Anything that gives us ideas, information, and above all hope is very important now.

      You know, the antidote to “doom porn”, i.e., that stuff that has slowly been killing a lot of us. All the doom can get you down, and you’re kidding yourself if you think it just kills your mind and not your body!

      Thanks so much, will be commenting as I go along…
      IE in the USA

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