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From our resident poet and artist, this wonderful collection of 12 original and unique signed brown-pencil sketches with the theme, horses.  The set is now available for purchase.   These are newly done original drawings and not the ones that some Sakerites will recognize from the Moveable Feast Cafe on main site.

The drawings are B/4 format, 350 x 250 mm, and are done on Sketchbook paper (120g/m2).  These are only available as a one of a kind complete set.  Individually they will lose value but as a set, they will maintain their value.

I have been dreaming of a light corner of my house where these sketches would display beautifully and keep dreaming on the exact frames that will compliment them.

Please click on an image to see the larger version and you can scroll through the collection.  We thank ioan for placing his artwork right here for the community to enjoy and purchase.

If you really want these but need to spread the payments, please contact us via the link below.

  • Horses 12
  • Horses 11
  • Horses 10
  • Horses 9
  • Horses 8
  • Horses 7
  • Horses 6
  • Horses 5
  • Horses 4
  • Horses 3
  • Horses 2
  • Horses 13


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