The Essential Saker IV

Messianic Narcissism’s Agony by a Thousand Cuts

The Essential Saker IV is now available in pdf and epub for free download.  The book covers Saker essays and analysis from January 2019 through to December 2019. The pre-publication work was completed literally minutes before the killing of General Suleimani and Abu Mahdi Muhandis, just before we entered 2020 to encounter challenges that most could not foresee.

Upon looking back over the year of 2019, one can only describe the trajectory of empire as death by 1,000 cuts. In this book we look back at events such as the Tulsi Gabbard phenomenon (here today, gone tomorrow), the Russian ‘pension chicken’ coming home to roost and the repeating Venezuela affairs. We look back at the many evidentiary events that sketch a weakening empire. In 2018 we looked back at The Empire that blinked, several times. At the end of 2019 we looked back at a Thousand Cuts for empire.


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The Essential Saker IV

Messianic Narcissism’s Agony by a Thousand Cuts

Comments from community members about the Essential Saker IV.

“As British anthropologist Marilyn Strathern once said ‘it matters what thoughts we think with’. This rigorous compendium of The Sakers writings, that began with a ripple and now in its fourth wave matters more than ever”

Connor Sarazen

“This 4th installment of the Essential Saker is fascinating, thought provoking, and illuminating. It’s a masterpiece unraveling today’s geopolitics with the falcon’s (Saker’s) eye for everyone to see. It’s a must have in every truth seeker’s library.”

Paulo Avelar

“You are on the brink of being the proud owner of a special book. As a reader and commentator on his site, I can assure you of something: The Saker chooses bold subjects, has sharp analyses, won‘t disappoint you with clichés, and will put you to thinking because he leaves room for that. Wisdom is not only the expression of smart matter. Moreover it is asking the right questions at the right moment. If you are ready for that, then this book might be just right for you.”



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