The Essential Saker III


The Essential Saker III – Chronicling the tragedy, farce and collapse of the Empire in the era of Mr MAGA

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This book is the third one in the “Essential Saker” series and it features the essays and analyses the Saker wrote in the period from  June 2017 through 2018 including “A 2018 Survey of Trends”.  This has been an incredibly dense and incredibly dangerous period for our planet.  The single most important development which occurred over this period of time is the tremendous acceleration of the collapse of the AngloZionist Empire. Trump’s abject incompetence did more to weaken the Empire than any evil Russian plan ever would have.

And yet Russia and the AngloZionist Empire are at war with each other. This is a war for survival, in which each side represents an existential threat to the other. The leaders of the Empire – the US Neocons and the western international banking and finance system – have made this conflict with Russia a zero-sum game in which any Russian success is perceived as a defeat for the West and vice-versa.  Crazy?  Yes!  Dangerous?  Very!  But real nonetheless.  It is this rapidly accelerating decline of the US world hegemony against the background of the creation of a multi-polar world by Russia and China which this third volume chronicles.


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