The Essential Saker – from the trenches of the emerging multi-polar world

This volume is a collection of various articles and essays I wrote for my blog (initially at http://vineyardsaker.blogspot.com and later at http://thesaker.is) between 2007 and 2015. For many years my blog had very few readers, in the hundreds, at best, and most of my writing I, frankly, did for myself. For me, as a former military analyst, it was a much needed psychotherapy: I could write whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted and in whatever style I wanted. I did not have to look over my shoulder to check whether some boss would approve of what I wrote, I did not have to worry about offending somebody’s political sensitivities, and I could basically write the way I speak: off the cuff and with no preparations.

Looking back, I see that there were many advantages to this: the writing was spontaneous, informal, sometimes funny and always fast. But now that these articles have turned into a book, they bring with themselves a lot of weaknesses: not just poor grammar and ever-present typos, but also superficial fact-checking, sources given as links (including ‘dead’ ones) and references to missing images or videos. My heroic editor and Director of Research, Scott, did a fantastic job of cleaning up a very messy collection of essays, but there is only so much that could be done without a total re-write.

So, dear reader, caveat emptor: the book you will be reading is, to put it mildly, not up to academic standards. My hope is that for some of you this might actually turn out to be a plus rather than an annoyance. To the others, I present my apologies.

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The Essential Saker – from the trenches of the emerging multi-polar world

Excerpt from the Foreword by Pepe Excobar

“When I first came across The Saker, in one of those endless white nights prowling the Net, I loved it as much as The Trashmen forever changing the face of rock ’n’ roll.  The Saker was changing the Net forever as far as serious discussion of Russia was concerned.

This was the real deal; a Russian possessing a fine intellect, living in the underbelly of the Empire of Chaos, speaking from the heart, way beyond Left or Right, not to mention the middle. A post-everything Pre-Socratic, a neo-Diogenes searching for truth in the wasteland of the Russia versus The West manufactured crisis. And, crucially, a man of integrity.  Or, in his own words, “disrespectful of social dogmas and norms, oppositional and defiant towards authority, rebellious and aggressive by nature, deeply contrarian on an almost knee-jerk level, libertarian in outlook.” What’s not to like?

All that fully exposed via his own, inimitable style: straight from the heart marinated in intellectual acuity. As a running commentary on the Burroughs intuition of language as a virus from outer space, here was a UDO spreading a very powerful virus into the Russian demonization hydra.

The audience for this running epic was just there to be captured. So it was a pleasure to see how a one-man-blog steered by an anonymous incarnating a bird ended up morphing into a global community, in myriad languages, helped by tens of volunteers, in less than one year.”

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