This book is a work of nonfiction. The events described in this book are true and either documented, or collaborated by the witnesses. The book is written to the best of the author’s knowledge. Some names of people and organizations, and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

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You really left me hanging waiting for more. The suspense is getting me ready for the rest of the story.
I was not bored for even a second, and I kept wondering, ‘Is this even real?’It was horrifying and fascinating, and I really really like it.


I received the exerpt (PDF) this morning and read it in one sigh, I could not stop. What an insane situation she got into. And how fearless and calm she stayed, unbelievable. Wow, so that is the karakter of the Russian people. I am really very impressed and I highly respect this woman. I read stories of the homeland security and TSA on the USA airports, which are horrible. In Isreal it sounds even worse.

Can not wait to read the full book. Congratulations Scott. I loved it.

Review of ‘The Enemy of the State’ by the Anonymous

The book starts off slowly, with scenes of everyday life. There is a painful parting between man and wife and then Tatyana traverses the landscape of modern Israel and we get a glimpse into both picturesque scenery and all the evidence of a highly militarised society.

At the international airport, a series of innocuous events lead to an escalating situation. As so many of us have experience of airport security, it will surely be a shock to you as it was to me that this situation escalated so quickly. As the security staff continue to escalate the situation, you find a sense of foreboding.

The thing that strikes me is the forthright attitude of Tatyana. In a similar situation one would expect a single woman to be in a panic at the threatening nature of the airport security. I contemplated as I read how it was that she had such an unyielding spirit.

The irrational and provocative behaviour by the security staff scared me beyond words. Their actions and thoughts speak volumes of a system that perpetuates fear and violence. For the life of me, I could not understand why they would do this – a position of power so obviously and stupidly exploited? An attractive female made to fear by the accusation of terrorist? Their growing hysteria would have been laughable if not for the poor innocent woman stuck between such lunatics.

As for Tatyana, indomitable spirit is a term that is bandied around but in this case, as I read the book, I felt that she had indeed an unbreakable spirit. Facing death and torture in dungeons, her spirit did not fade and that in turn infuriated her jailors.

This enthralling account fills the reader with many conflicting emotions. I found myself at times simultaneously horrified and laughing. This journey into a modern day heart of darkness shines a light into a dark, closed part of the world and it is chilling and captivating reading.


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