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I’ll Ruin Everything You Are: Ending Western Propaganda on Red China by Ramin Mazaheri

China has soared in the 21st century, while the neoliberal austerity-minded West has slumped – longstanding Western predictions and promises have totally failed. There is no longer any doubt about this.

This requires us to accommodate reality and drastically rethink our views of the key events of China’s socialist era, and also re-examine the key political and cultural structures of Chinese socialism. That’s what this new book does.

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If you have followed my writing you may recall that last year I wrote an 8-part series which compared old, biased scholarship on China with new scholarship. In short, I exposed the anti-socialist (and thus anti-Chinese) propaganda of the most popular English-language, university-level history textbook on China, written by Harvard’s first-ever China scholar, while lauding the arrival of not hostile, accurate, 21st-century scholarship from people like Jeff J. Brown.

Added in are perspectives and analyses gleaned from my years as a daily hack reporter. Daily reporting, I feel, provides a unique view of politics and society, and one which is under appreciated despite being increasingly rare in modern journalism. The view from ivory tower academia, “woke” expatriate independent analysts, and the urgency and finality of daily journalism – I think you won’t find this potent concoction elsewhere on China analysis.

The bulk of the book includes that 8-part series, as well as some other published writings of mine on China.

Bottom line: yes, these are all available online for free… but wouldn’t it be great if you had them all in one place? I’m certain you have asked yourself exactly that question on at least three separate occasions. Ask no longer!

1 review for I’ll Ruin Everything You Are

  1. amarynth
    5 out of 5


    I read this series when it was published on, and all I wanted was an ebook so that I could curl up on my hammock and read it again, with attention. I loved this writing and it turned my head upside down regarding China and the history that westerners were told. So, I went along and send it to my complete email address list and as people read the material, there was only Wow .. we did not know this.

    This is an absolutely worth while book to read.

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