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      This is the General forum.  There is a thread to introduce yourself if you would like to. This is also the joys and the complaints department.
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    •  Anonymous

      9 months, 1 week ago
    • CryptoCurrencies
      So, what do we have?  Are we changing the world's money?  Are we stepping into a new control grip by the controllers?  What is happening here.
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    •  amarynth

      1 month ago
    • Growing Things
      This is all about growing things. I am a permaculturist and I grow things. We are in the tropics so my 'growings' will not always be the same as your 'growings' but together we can grow excellently and eat healthy.
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    •  sean the leprechaun

      3 weeks, 1 day ago
    • ioan’s 2019 calendar pictures – add them here!
      Let's put all our photos together for ioan for next year's calendar. Who knows, we may have so many that we can even have a 'select the best ones' friendly interaction. Remember to add the link where the photo comes from, or if it is your own, say so clearly.
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    •  Anonymous

      1 year ago
    • What’s to Eat?
      All your recipes are welcome. All your food thoughts and talks are welcome. But, if you post how good McDonalds is, I will probably delete it. Here goes your diets, what you are doing to keep healthy through food and those tips and tricks that we all need to feed well! Who starts off with the first post?
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    •  sean the leprechaun

      1 month ago