About Us

“Then I understood:  It was never about me, but always about you.

Quote The Saker.

We are pleased to present a new site to the community of Saker sites:  Saker.Cooperative

This is a new addition to:

bring our community closer together,

present a space where our volunteers may showcase their talents,

present a space where our community members may showcase our talents and introduce our services and our products.  In this way, we cultivate our own vineyard.

create activities where we can improve the income to the whole family of Saker Sites within TheSaker’s non commercial guidelines

have longer term conversations about hot issues.  TheSaker.is is by definition a news site and topics come and go sometimes very fast.  Here we can keep something that we want to learn about, or study in more depth in the Forum and the rest of the community can chime in and so we can all learn.

First, and without further ado, an invitation.  We invite everyone in TheSaker network of family, friends, supporters, commenters and volunteers to bring their own talents and products to this new section, “TheSaker Community Cooperative”.  If you have a product or service which you would like to introduce, and perhaps offer to other members, please contact the Community Cooperative here

We will manage the new section with real contact between members and TheSaker.is, and not with dead automated software processes.  This is hands-on and personal as a starting place.

In addition, where it is possible, we follow a principle of ‘entrepreneurship for everybody!”  As our market succeeds, there will be invitations to our members to create some small business where there is opportunity.  Right now there may be a member that is able and willing to deal with a small business to create some ‘swag’ for TheSaker.  Have you worked with T-shirts and Mugs and other Swag?  This is the time to speak up!  Bear in mind, quality rules and the quality standards will be held in the hands of the volunteers that run “TheSaker Community Cooperative”.

We all market, we all go to market.  Listening closely to people like Catherine Austin Fitts, in the current financial situation we have to build family and community strength.  This includes financial anti-fragility for ourselves and our families and our Vineyard.  I am convinced that right here, in “TheSaker Community Cooperative” we have people with good quality products and excellent services.  This is our place to showcase ourselves and lift our community and ourselves from a state of financial fragility, to a state of anti-fragility.

(Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder (Incerto) from Nassim Nicholas Taleb Taleb’s message in his book is revolutionary: He maintains that the antifragile, and only the antifragile, will make it.)

With this initiative, we will bump the Borg right in ‘the kisser’ as we reclaim our human activities from their forced and controlled sphere, to our own personal and collective spheres, where we are essentially human and we actively recognize that.  The anti-human systems have to go and be replaced by more straightforward and honest community endeavors aimed at growing food worth eating, doing honest trade, healing people, loving our fellows, traveling, building places worth living in, creating good technology and learning and applying useful and beautiful things.

To summarize, TheSaker Community Cooperative will:

– provide space to all of us to advertise our own products and services on TheSaker.is, at a very reasonable rate.

– allow our own members to offer their views on further aspects of our lives in such a way that will benefit the whole community.

– allow our extensive network of volunteers, web designers, book designers, and members with a myriad of other skills to place their portfolios, free of charge, on our marketplace if they choose to.  In this way, we pay back the wonderful work of the many volunteers,

– where there is space, we will invite our members to create that which we need in a close working relationship.

TheSaker Community Cooperative will extend TheSaker.is to include a vibrant marketplace for our members – a marketplace that deals fairly, with focus on good quality and to the benefit of our members, TheSaker family and TheSaker.is.  Everyone has family and friends and if you have nothing you wish to offer in our Community Cooperative at this moment, you can always refer family or friends requiring skills or useful products to our cooperative.

TheSaker Community Cooperative is not intended to add a cold ‘storefront’ to TheSaker.is or to create a smoky, dark alley-way with smelly stalls in the souks of the interwebs.  It is intended to add a vibrant and truthful marketplace in the lives of our members, where we meet each other and find that place where our lifestyles overlap and where we can support one another with our work and our products.  Cast your minds back to when the town square was the meeting place of the community, and consider our Cooperative as our town square.  We do this anyway in our own lives.  Let us extend this normal and everyday practice and tell our stories and show our products.  Cast you mind forward to the Belt and Road Initiative and experiment, where there is planned benefit for all.  We may change lives this way.

The first articles and products we will feature deal with the medical, big pharma and big ag deceptions and mafias and overlapping circles of total and despicable control.  These spheres are integrally connected to our lives and they have been deceiving us just as much as the geo-political gyrations of the Borg have been for years.  Health care is tough, cold and inefficient – we all know that, but we believe that health care should be people-first. And there are everyday people in this world making huge inroads to help themselves and others despite the dysfunction. That’s one example of what we want to bring to light.

In closing, I trust you have a sense of what TheSaker Community Cooperative is all about. Welcome to this new initiative.  We look forward to working with you to expand and nourish our community as well as improving our lives in the sometimes confusing conundrum we live in.    We look forward to you contacting us, and bringing your own collective talents into the light.  The ultimate hope is that we can start supporting one another in all spheres of our lives in a true community fashion.

You connect all the dots and realize it will be simply huge …