MASS PSYCHOSIS – How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL

The well-known aphorism from Jiddu Krishnamurti comes to mind.

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

Two other comments from reliable people come to mind as well.  The one is from an Orthodox Christian and he considers the current situation as follows:

“Every time you see or hear a “poke percentage” statistic, understand that what you are actually hearing is a report on the amount of total territory (souls) taken by the prince of this world in the war raging in the heavenlies.”

And from an economist, we get:

“When people talk about the collapse, they often don’t appear to realise that was precisely what 2008 was. For last 13 years they have been doing everything to try to deny that reality, but pandemic has proven to be the catalyst that means that reality can no longer be denied.”

The following video is a good overview of how we got here, here where we are in a pandemic where the wokist and GMO’d humans seemingly want to destroy the non-GMO’d humans.  Remember it is not global.  It would be good if we can consider ourselves as outside of the ‘so-called global bloc’ and create little eddies of non-psychosis at the edges of this river.

The one aspect that I did not see handled in the video, is that it is so easy to accuse the other one of mass psychosis.  So, the powers that be create the conditions for psychosis, but here at the bottom of the barrel, we all are seemingly into the task of confusing one another and fighting our own fights.  But this is today the human condition, and we have to individually step outside of the psychotic space.  Some people have increased their visits to their ‘glen of peace’, others are growing deeply into their respective religions and still others insist on facts and logic.  All three methods are now necessary.  I would suggest that those that are not good at facts and logic, go and do a course on Critical Thinking and figure it out.  For others, find your ‘glen of peace’ and visit it regularly and deepen your religious practice.

It is counterproductive personally to get involved in these kinds of fights.  Fancy that, Edward Snowden and Nassim Taleb fighting about who is a bully.  This is a slice of mass psychosis.



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