Delights from the Garden of Eden

Full disclosure!  I do watch cooking and baking videos and even have my favorite chefs.  It’s better than computer games in my view and the product of that little bit of time-wasting shows up clearly on the dinner table.  It’s productive time-wasting.

So, I was watching a simplified way of making yogurt when another video caught my attention.  Yeah .. something like 27 ingredients for humus.  The yogurt was abandoned and the humus was first on the list but also immediately abandoned when I saw the book!  The book about:

Delights from the Garden of Eden: A Cookbook and History of the Iraqi Cuisine 

It indeed is a delight and is number one on my shopping list.  Why could that war, that incredibly destructive Iraq war not have been a cook off!  And let the best chef win!  Based on this wonderful book, Iraq would have won hands-down!  Here is a little taste of what will become a new skill for me, Iraqi Cuisine.



Click to access delights_begin_and_end.31183138.pdf


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