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How do you know if your immune system is strong? How do you measure that? What are the criteria? How do you know it is strong enough? Strong enough for what? And how do you know what is right for you, is right for someone else?

What we understand of the immune system is sometimes just magical stuff. It is an interlocking, interdependent, interactive complex of biological processes that make up a defense of the physical system for health.  This link is given just to give an overview of the sheer size and dear heavens, please don’t diddle and fiddle and fight. It’s an overview fer gawds sake of current knowledge.


Following are 5 methods that can be used for checking yourself and your strength.  This will cover the first five short questions;

1. Iridology:

2. Applied Kinesiology: or simply known as muscle testing: or Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine .  This is a huge work with defining and stating problems, and then focusing in on blockages in the lymphatic system to get things kickstarted again.

3. Simple checking of cleansing rhythms in the body If the cleansing rhythms are coherent, you can be sure that the rest of the body is coherent. This is hugely important if one wants to ground to the cycles of the universe and the earth.

4. Meridian work: Teeth as an indicator of what is happening in the body:

5. Skeletal system as an indicator of what is happening in the body:

This then answers the last question, because with these methods you can define your question clearly, and use any of these methods to check what is right for someone else.  Of course, never ever impose on another.

So overall, yes, you can know if you use the body and its immune system itself to tell you.    As the immune system is highly complex, these methods give a translation layer for finding out what is what.  They are also fun.

Then, some folks talk about the spiritual perspective of health.  Yes, there are also people that specialize here and these are methods that anyone can learn if you take enough time.  But spiritual health usually sings with physical health – the two go together – but sometimes not.  Here one can look at the giants in the epigenetics field, such as Bruce Lipton or even Joe Dispenza.  Or you can look at the Indian sages, those fellows in saffron robes that sit on mountaintops and live on a honey-like substance that they produce themselves in the throat as a result of a specific internal muscular yoga.  (Yoga in this instance meaning the completeness of life – that is the whole in wholistic).

Here are two more.

6. With the Rife technology that we use, we have a biofeedback mechanism.  One puts your specialized clips somewhere on the body, clip on your heart monitor, and you figure out what is what by running sequences or frequencies and you end up with a biofeedback diagrammatic of the immune system.  Rather with a diagrammatic of where there are problems, where weaknesses exist.  This stuff is scary accurate but one can strengthen what needs to be strengthened with focus.

7. This last one is one that I developed myself but with combining two other methods — there was a need for speed and the person does not speak because of brain damage.  So we needed a quick translation layer using the energetics of the body itself (magnetics, electrical) to help answer questions.  Some religious will just simply abhor this and you are free to do so.  Kindly just scroll past.  So I developed a quick system with pendulum dowsing (dowsing I learned as a child watching the guy seeking water and saying uhm, I can do that).  But with pendulum dowsing, it can be done right over the body.  So, I can check quickly the state of the chakras, and chakras if we know our business, manage certain parts of the physical.  So, if one is skilled at defining these question statements, one can get right at where the weakness, the illness, or the discomfort exists.  In the case of this person, where do we have beginnings of subluxation?  Is that red-eye really an eye infection or did you just sleep with your eye deeply in the pillow?  You can also use energetics to help confused chakras spin how they should spin.  This is a method completely in the esoteric realm and should not be used by rookies because of the very real danger of getting entangled in a spiritual realm that one does not understand.   It is a combination of working with a physical translator, through to the physical body, by way of the esoteric.  Scary accurate but you need to have the basis of good systematic teaching.

There you have it folks.  These are all fun and worth while taking one of them, and learning it.  A most complete system is the Donna Eden Energy medicine.   I know this just a little – perhaps on a medium scale.  A quick story – a friend (skilled in 3 alternative systems of health) came in with a solid case of stuffed and inflamed sinusitis.  So I did a routine with him, and that was that .. we did not expect miracles as I was a rookie.  Well, 15 minutes later his sinuses let loose and all the junk just started pouring out.   He thought I was brilliant but I knew .. I was just very lucky to have hit it exactly.

None of these are methodologies one can use without a very alive sense of ‘spirit’ or ‘soul’, the universe, and the Creator, in my experience. Fishing does that for you as well.

Aah .. I forgot a simple modality – the one of tapping – called Emotional Freedom Technique. I have used this to good effect and to no effect, so this is not one of my favorites, but it is very easy to learn as a first step.

So, to the questions:
How do you know if your immune system is strong? You can determine that with various techniques if you should want to. Creating a solid baseline can then be used for strengthening the thing that needs strengthening.
You have to take the bull by the horns and get in and learn one modality from bottom to top. I expect perhaps that Big Pharma and Big Med are going to fall apart as a result of the Vaxxx debacle. So, if anyone wants to know which modality would suit them, it is just for the asking and I’ll try to give a way forward.

All of these techniques are just perhaps a first step. They can be used to a greater or lesser degree for healing. The secret sauce of course is to be able to be fully in charge of your own health and if you find weaknesses, to actually know what to do. This depends on hard experience and solid studies and good and reliable friends in the same field to help think things through.

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