Health Care Before Vaccines

By Noel Monteiro:  The writer is a former Sub-Editor and Staff Reporter from Dawn newspaper, Pakistan. He lives in Australia.

Noel mentions:  After speaking to my relatives in Goa on the west coast of India, I realized that their Covid-19 situation was slightly unique, to what we are being told by MSN.

As India suffers the onslaught of the Covid pandemic, in the non-Western world the epidemic is largely over (1), even as Covid is still present, because Indian bureaucrats, thought aware of its huge population, prioritised Vaccines before Health Care.

This prioritising made it appear as if India’s Primary health care system in northern India was unable to cope, as desperate patients swamped the Secondary and Tertiary health care hospitals, searching for “Oxygen.” Without oxygen all life dies. The Primary level system of any nation, comprises private and government clinics, specialists, and outpatients functioning as a screen, and usually only the most serious cases proceed to the Secondary and Tertiary facilities. But there were other factors.

For example dry winters in and around New Delhi, are well known for heightened viral activity, producing respiratory ilnesses, with an accumulating patient load, and excessive use of oxygen. It is not as if Covid stealthily crept upon the Indian population. The Covid disease, the deliberate fear driven hysteria around it, and shortage of oxygen, simply made the situation worse.
However, did anyone notice how quickly, poor defenceless oxygen cylinders were scapgoated to deflect blame and protect the government?? This is how Indian propaganda functioned, using poor desperates as images, to save the Modi government from its Kumbh mela and election blunders. In reality, when Covid patients crave oxygen, it is an indication of internal morbidities occuring, which may be extensive, permanent lung damage, with reduced lung function. OR that coagulation (jellification of the blood) has prevented blood gas exchange in the capillaries. (2) The probability of the patient having a short lifespan, may result. Additionally, bear in mind, Oxygen is always delivered under supervision, otherwise Oxygen Toxicity may result. Oxygen poisoning is no laughing matter. (3)

What is occuring in India is nothing less than a great war, (4) as Macron says. A war against Covid that the non-Western world has already overcome. India has been left far far behind. Allow me to describe how India has been brought down to this situation, and the other Indian grassroots who will be fighting to save India.


This broad group standing behind Modi had 17 months to prepare, and did nothing. They chose a policy of Vaccines Before Medicines. In no particular order, backing Modi are his propaganda army the “Godi Media”; Hindu majority elites with their BJP-RSS combine; film and sports personalities; secret agencies; social media; and transnational companies manned by India’s elite. To this cohort promoting the Vaccines Before Health Care policy is profitable to all. Whereas a policy of Health Care treatment Before Vaccines is less profitable. But people are dying.
Note: Godi seems to be a Pun, a conflation of Goswami and Modi, to identify India’s depraved and bought propaganda practitioners, to differentiate them from the country’s consciencious and hardworking journalists.


The opposing side comprise the people of the subcontinent who want to protect their families, and individual medical personal of the private sector and the provincial health departments. Trained to deliver health care, India’s doctors, as professionals are aware of the Gold Standard of Covid treatment and medicines worldwide, yet they have no backing from Modi’s government, and his strident Godi media to practice. They are aware that in large swathes of the non-Western world, the Covid conundrum has already been treated using a broad spectrum of medicinal strategies. Symptoms are treated, vaccines administered, even as more vaccines are still awaited. These professionals do not oppose vaccines. But are also aware of no support and advisories from their own health departments, and are thus being prevented from practicing their Hypocratic oath. Anecdotal evidence from Marashtra and Goa is that doctors are already prescribing to their extended family and friends, but are fearful of prescribing to the general public. But what are some of the medicines they are prescribing? Here is a partial list.
—Anti-Coagulants and Anti-Inflammatory: Beparin and Asprin. Some doctors prescribed Asprin after the Astra-Zeneca vaccine was administered. Asprin has side-effects.
—Steroid or Glucocorticoid: Dexamethasone.
—NSAID Anti-Inflammatory: Celecobix. Celebrex.
—Anti-Parasiticals: Ivermectine, Hydroxyquinine, and Tonic Water with Quinine. (6) and Zinc (8).
—Macrolide Antibiotics like Azithromycin.
—Zinc, Vitamin D and Vitamim C: In Wuhan doctors used a maximum of up to six grams (6,000mg) of Vitamin C, intraveinously per patient per day, on the critical patients. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant. Also was Dr Linus Pauling’s favourite anti-viral for flu symptoms.
—Antacid: Zantac.
I do not know what dosages they were prescribing. By treating the patients presenting from their mohallas and villages, these doctors have naturally chosen “Health Care before Vaccines”. They are also aware that all viruses are less active in summer, and by the time of the monsoon season in June, India will be cleansed of all viruses which will be swept away in the rains. If this grassroots treatment strategy is happening in one state, then we can extrapolate, that it is happening in all Indian states and territories, and is causing a groundswell of resentment against, not simply the Modi government.

To see such terrible cases of Oxygen deprivation is heartrending. What happened in New Delhi, could be explained away as as winter patient load. But then again, a lot of people can discern, that there was a lack of medical policy foresight from the Modi government, and a sidelining of the Primary health care level doctors. –License CC, Translations Permitted.


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