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Water is H20, or, is it Not?  

At TheSaker’s Vineyard, we do a lot of mind work and analysis.  To do this truth-telling work it is essential to keep our minds bright, energetic, alive and functioning in top form.

This series will focus on and expose the big lie and information war in the Medical, Big Pharma and Frankenfood overlapping matrix and focus on what we can do to keep ourselves in good health in order to be free of this cartel that considers you and me only a piggy bank to be sucked dry and alternatively guinea pigs to be experimented on.  This cartel is content to give us a never ending stream of drugs to dumb us down to the IQ level of slow sloths with their system designed for ever increasing drug usage.  John Rappoport reports that the medically prescribed Opioid Stream in Ohio alone added up to a staggering 793 million doses per year of opioid drugs translating to an average of 68 pills for each person in Ohio.

The medical / big pharma / frankenfood cartel is made up of overlapping circles of control and one part feeds the other, literally passing us along a chain, like food pellets, for the continuance of the system.   It is impossible to tolerate the physical poisoning of the humans on earth and yet accept the cliché:  “Ask your Doctor!”  Really, the one who prescribes the chemicals and opiates?   The one who has perhaps 24 hours of training on nutrition in all the years of education and training?  Perhaps it is time to reconsider.       

We start off the series by talking about arguably the most important nutrient  … in our physical, mental and spiritual lives: Water.   In the last 10 years or so, new scientists have broken through the existent barriers against water research. 

Finally, we will look at 4 easy and actionable steps to take, to get full benefit of the water that you consume.   

There are two issues here, modern day water wars to keep populations in despair, and the water of death served up to us by the globalist overlords.   It is estimated that our drinking water today, far from being pure, contains some two hundred commercial chemicals and any water that you or I drink has been processed at least 5 times.  Add to that bacteria, viruses, inorganic minerals (making the water hard) and you have a chemical cocktail that is unsuitable (if not deadly) for human consumption. John Archer in his book ‘THE WATER YOU DRINK, HOW SAFE IS IT?’ refers to an estimate of 60,000 tons of fifty different chemicals being deliberately added annually to Australia’s water. . 

Of course, the globalists and specifically the big corporations know of the properties of water being discovered now by The New Science of Water.  Most water research, according to Dr. Gerald Pollack was deep sixed for more than 50 years while control of water, a requirement for life, was instituted.  Hence the current day water wars as part of the onslaught against humanity.  We are in a health information war and one of the biggest weapons is fresh water.  Who buys up the fresh water sources in order to keep us in bondage?  The answer to this is incredibly simple.  Everybody that we can slot into the category of “behind closed doors oligarchic globalists” is to be held accountable for this.   (See Links at end)

Because the issue of water and sustainability and life are not, in general, central to our information stream and, at the moment, the issue is still somewhat suppressed, we frequently do not take this seriously.  I would encourage you to go and do more research using terms such as ‘who owns the water’, ‘contemporary water wars’,  ‘fresh water conflicts’ and more to gain a better perspective of the very real conflict.     

We are being presented with a dead and poisoned substance which we receive as our drinking water.  It is not only Flint that has a water crisis.

In addition, this lawsuit is now active against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in response to their denial of our petition under Section 21 of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) seeking a ban on water fluoridation.  

Here, in a nutshell, is what water is; what the meaning of water is for us; and how to use it for health and wellbeing.   Water is not only a hydrator, but is also a nutrient.   If you consider the  ‘Dance of Water’ and the pure power it affords us, both on the meta level of existence as well as the granular level, which is you and me, it is clear why water research was suppressed and why no good scientist dared to even say that he or she was doing water research until very recently.    

Water in Religious or Esoteric Thinking 

(This is not a religious teaching.  The illustration here is how the New Water Scientists and their findings, track with old and known religious and esoteric truths about water.)

In the practice of Naturopathy, we consider that water is the first medicine or remedy to be considered for any disease condition.    We also consider the esoteric meaning of water in that our bodies are two-thirds water, children get born from water, and every spiritual practice has a deep symbolic affinity with water (consider practices such as baptism or the use of holy water or rose water or ritual cleansing and these practices occur in all religious paths.  Hinduism for example considers that water represents the “non-manifested substratum from which all manifestations derive” [Dr. Uma Mysorekar, Hindu Temple Society of North America] and is considered by Hindus to be a purifier, life-giver, and destroyer of evil].)


In Islamic teachings, we even get instructions on how to drink water

In Eastern Orthodoxy the sacrament of Baptism is conducted by full immersion, with liberal amounts of water used in full confidence of divine transformation.

Water and Light work together

Sunlight is unpolarized by nature. The K+ ions that glue water molecules in a cell together, called an exclusion zone are what polarize light. In pathology, there is an abnormality between the K+, EZ size, and the ATP content. Each molecule of ATP in a cell controls 8,800 water molecule binding sites and 20 potassium ions to allow water to become an ionic plasma to store photon information coherently.

So now we will continue in the zeitgeist of the Iconic “Walking on Water” moment ascribed to Jesus Christ and start owning our own health using the substance given us on this earth, the universal  solvent, water.     

 “Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine.” ~ Slovakian Proverb

Drinking clean and structured water causes very big changes in our physicality and is one step that leads to personal sovereignty.   Of course, when we feel and know that we are free individuals, all sorts of changes take place, even on a physical level.  Brain function increases and quickens. Endocrine levels optimize. The cells of the body awaken to a higher degree, and energy output rises.    

You may be surprised to know that water is not simply a glass full of H2O molecules as we have been taught.  Water, as it occurs in nature in a babbling mountain stream or river, exists in the form of a crystalline lattice structure that creates energy when the water molecules in the lattices touch each other.  This has vast implications for our personal health and for the development of clean energy. When you count the number of hydrogen and oxygen atoms in a sample of this structured water, you find that the correct formula is H3O2, not H2O.  Given that our bodies are made up of 2/3 water it may just be worthwhile to pay attention to one of the major substances of which we consist. 

In the small glimpse of new research that I can give in a short article such as this, we draw from the work of giants such as Maseru Emoto, Gerald Pollack, MJ Pangman, Victor Schauberger, Callum Coats, Barry Groves, Cleve Backster and Robert Gourlay. 

The common message is that water is living, vibrating, essential and a vital carrier of memory on the meta layer of existence as well as on the granular and individual layer of existence which would be you, and me. 

Water is the carrier of the most important cellular functions in our bodies, i.e., cellular cleansing, hydration and bio-available nutrition.   In this form, if structured correctly, it is the liquid that exists in all our cells and literally makes our bodies function.   Structured water forms an “Exclusion Zone” within our cells to isolate toxins and pollutants. (

Structured water enters our cells through a narrow channel, the aquaporin channel, which is only one water molecule in diameter.  Because the structured water crystal groups together with 10 to 20 molecules it can pass in a line into the cells as opposed to unstructured water which is an amorphous mass of 100’s of molecules which have difficulty passing.  This is why structured water hydrates the physical body far better than unstructured or dead water.  Running water through municipal processing plant and pipes and standing in reservoirs breaks down the lattice structure and significantly reduces the potency of water. 

The very good news in studying the new water research is that water has a memory and if we’ve been unable to find fresh and structured water, we can fix this.  We can recover the true memory of water as given to us over the ages by our esoteric and spiritual traditions.       

So, how much water do we need and why?  What is this business of water being called a human right?  With sleight of hand and clever words, the overlords of our world have decided that they hand out rights to us, the humans on our planet, and they can take ’em away.  Let nobody tell you water is a right.  It is a requirement for life to continue and is so much more than a ‘right’.

The New Science of Water, pioneered by a number of contemporary researchers and as postulated by Dr. Gerald Pollack, shows that not only does water occur naturally in three different states (solid, liquid and vapor), but water also occurs in a fourth lattice-structured state resembling that of a liquid crystal. This form of structured water (H302) is energized, negatively charged, and is the vital element in all living organisms and natural ecosystems and is crucial for growth, well-being, and longevity.

Easy and Actionable Steps

You may ask is it worth-while to do all these things?  Yes!  Because water nowadays, even bottled water does not hydrate you as it should do.  This has a long term ‘wearing down’ effect, calcification of arteries, joints seizing and brain gets slower and blood just thickens.    

Water carries THE message and memory of hope, love, peace, vibrancy and health, … or the message of death and destruction.  Maseru Emoto for one proved this out in his experimentation.  (Links Below)     

First, we have to understand that we have to actively clean our water because we are not receiving it clean but we are receiving it contaminated and with the memory of toxins.  In naturopathy, we frequently use only medical grade distilled water, with perhaps a pinch of sea salt added for mineral content.  Contrary to popular opinion, distilled water does not leach organic essential minerals and micronutrients from your body.   It dissolves and eliminates harmful inorganic minerals and toxic waste accumulation.

Consider water cleaning filters for the household or the kitchen counter exist and it is better to go high quality rather than low quality and regularly clean the filtering system.  Otherwise, some good old homemade basic sand filters will do the trick. It is best not to store your drinking water in plastic containers but rather in ceramic containers because it is well known that most plastics leech and dissolve into our water.  Water is a true universal solvent!

Second, we have to understand that our bodies cleanse at the cellular level.  Structured water is how our bodies do this, to maintain health and vigor.   Simply – to create the ‘babbling brook’ water effect resulting in fresh and uncontaminated water. 

In our home, we use a small pyramidal drinking water structurer, designed and 3D printed for us by a friend (who actually is a real rocket scientist).  The Pyramidal Water Structurer creates the ‘babbling brook’ clean structured water effect.  You can taste the difference and you will feel the difference.  We have 3 in our household and find that clean and uncontaminated water structured this way, not only changes the taste but also (and you will not believe me) a little more comes out than what you put in.  We understand that the surface tension of the crystalline structure changes and stretches.  Reports are that people actually like the water and sense and taste the difference. Everyone always wants seconds!  

Third, we have to understand how much water we should take into our bodies.  This is the easiest.  Take a glass of structured water upon rising in the morning (before your coffee).  Your body will thank you for it.  Take note of the sensation of thirst and the feeling of the body.  You will feel … aha … that feels good!  F.Batmanghelidj, M.D, wrote a seminal book about this:  The Body’s Many Cries for Water.

The simple rule of thumb is to drink half your body’s weight in pounds in ounces of water daily.  So, if you weigh 200 pounds, you need 100 ounces of water per day (just over 3 quarts per day).  This has to be clean and uncontaminated water, preferably structured. 

For those that work in kilograms and liters.  Multiply your weight in kg by 33 and that is the minimum number of milliliters you have to drink, per day. So if you weigh 90 kg, you have to drink 2970 ml per day (almost 3 liters)

(These calculations should not be used by extreme sports athletes as the calculations need to take other factors into account). 

Fourth, this is the challenge for you and me.  Do this!  Drink your clean and structured water mindfully and in a state of thankfulness, daily, and tell me in 3 months which daily aches and pains just disappeared, how much weight has just melted off and how fresh you feel in the morning upon waking.    


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