Is growing one’s own food inherently political?

I would argue strongly that it is, if one clearly follows sustainable growing methods. It removes us from buying from Big Agriculture, it removes us from buying toxified food and it removes us from a culture of consumption. What growing as much of your own food does, is to move you and your activities towards a culture of the unifying power of growing and sharing food with families, friends and neighbors, joy of harvesting season, re-learning and re-skilling in traditional and healthy ways of preserving. There is a song in heart after planting, when the first few leaves of new growth appears and this lasts right through eventual seed harvesting and putting away for next season.

I have been following (and buying books) from a small publishing house and I can truly recommend them. They are Chelsea Green Publishing.

On my current wish list is The Nutrient Dense Kitchen and Community Scale Composting Systems.

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