Chaga? Yes!

The power of Chaga is “adaptive”, meaning that, it does not cure or help in fighting any disease in particular (cancer). It adapts to WHATEVER condition your body and spirit is in. THAT is the essence.

Quote from Kent

Dried Chaga, ready for brewing tea – Kent Sørensen

Chaga is a type of mushroom that grows on Beech and Birch Trees.

It really does not look like a mushroom at all, more like a piece of charcoal that is burnt orange on the inside. It has been gathered for generations by Northern Peoples, specifically medicine people.

I’ve heard under good authority that in Russia, Chaga is considered (even just colloquially), a “strategic protein reserve”.

Quote from Bro

Chaga, because of its immune system supportive function (some people say a support for the holistic form of a human) now has become popular and with this, environmental and cultural issues around the sale and production of chaga have surfaced. Traditionally, it was given away as part of a heartfelt gift economy in the sense of a health-giving blessing. Most people, still working in the the true spirit of this forest medicine mushroom tea, are still giving it away, yet the trendy health food stores are now stocking it, and an industry is springing up around the harvesting of chaga. Paul Stamets, arguably the world’s authority on mushrooms, comments on commercial over-harvesting.

Take a look at some of those that still uphold the traditional culture :

There is of course the issue of climate. I’ve had chaga tea in colder climates but in warmer climates, other traditional medicine is available. So, I would suggest to check your local traditional medicines as it makes no sense to transport chaga from the far north, to the hot center of the earth. Whatever your specific circumstances, honor the deeply cultural spirit of chaga, find it somewhere from local harvesters and medicine people, and in turn, honor those that swing on the big trees to harvest this life-supporting mushroom.

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