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UPDATE: Chris Hedges discusses with UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer the conditions of Julian Assange’s detention, his psychological and physical health as well as the judicial proceedings against the WikiLeaks founder – June 8th, 2019.

Some of the best comments to protest the arrest of Julian Assange:

Roger Ver

Roger Ver‏Verified account @rogerkver3h3 hours ago

Cheney was never indicted.

Bush was never indicted.

Bolton was never indicted.

Mattis was never indicted.

Revealing crime is more dangerous than committing crime.

Margarita Simonian

Translation from TheSaker.is: the most obvious sentence one could pass over total disgrace the world media has become can be seen in the fact that nobody was here to film the arrest of Julian Assange, only us (RT).  That in spite of the fact that everybody already new that he would be expelled.  Now they have to come and ask for our footage.
CNN and The Guardian have the gall to call us and ask how it is that we were the only ones to get this footage.
It’s obvious: you are just the spineless hypocritical servants of your Establishment and not journalists at all.  This is why such a thing happened.

Maria Zakharova

“The hand of “democracy” chokes the neck of freedom”

List of sites with reliable information:

The humans are roaring. March on British embassy in Washington DC. Lee Camp is out in the streets bellowing at anyone that wants to listen .. every tweet out there is raging and roaring (of course excepting the ones who perpetrated this). CNN even headline news, but Fox and others … way below the fold – cowards they are! All of them.

just a few on Twitter,

@DefendAssange http://Defend.wikileaks.org
@Wikileaks Media
@Caitoz Comics
@LeeCamp #FreeAssange #TeamAssange #Unity4J

And there literally are 100’s of 1,000’s more.

On some of the cryptocurrency community they’re live displaying wallets as to how the defense funds are rolling in.

Is this bigger than the backlash on Venezuela? It looks like it to me. There is a big noise here.

Can we say: Yellow Vests! Here come the rest of the world?

Here is a really good piece by Caitlin Johnstone which makes a good informational background piece for your own email or facebook or twitter or other circles.

Roar Humans! Roar!


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