Permaculture Whole System Design Course

If Bill Mollison is known as the Grandfather and the original champion of the Permaculture Method, then Geoff Lawton would be known as the Grandson of Permaculture. Bill passed a couple of years ago but Geoff has carried on his tradition. He has devoted his life to furthering the education and use of Permaculture principles throughout the world.

Geoff offers a Permaculture Design Course (PDC) consisting of concentrated learning of the whole systems approach to Permaculture and results in a certification as a Permaculture Designer allowing you to practice as a permaculture designer / consultant. I took this course with Midwest Permaculture taught by Wayne Wiseman and became a certified designer a few years back. I would say it was probably the best course I have ever taken as the content and practicums in reality caused me to change my thinking and the way I look at aspects of my life and endeavors.

Geoff is offering an on-line version of the PDC which is due to start soon. If you ever thought about taking the course, this would be the one. For the next few days the early bird discount is still available. Even without the discount the course is still worth the full price in my opinion. When I took the course 9 years ago, it cost me 9 days and about $3000 when you take into account all associated expenses, travel, hotel, food and tuition. With the online course you only pay tuition.

Permaculture Design Course (PDC 2.0) :: Early Bird Special

Chicken made compost

Here is a link that gives a tour of Geoff’s farm “Zaytuna” in Australia.

Walk about on Zaytuna Farm with Geoff Lawton

Visit Geoff’s site where you will find tons of valuable information and videos on permaculture, growing, and actively making the world a better place.

The PDC 2 online course is well worth it. The principles are applicable to large and small farms, backyard gardens, and life in general.

Design Principles – View Image for the Big One.

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