The fall of the USSR – One good man.

This is a story based on a comment and a video that Azorka1861 posted at the Moveable Feast Cafe on blog.

Here is the video:

How “CIA Advisers” Tried To Buy And Ruin Russia’s Military-Industrial Complex in 90s

That is very interesting, Azorka. I had a very beloved family member, an intelligent and highly moral man who worked in the energy industry who was in Russia at the time, working for a multi-national in a highly responsible position. During his retirement years we often spoke about this period and he was happy to have me as a fascinated listener.

I remember two phrases so well : “It was like shooting fish in a barrel,” he said, and “we bought up those industries from anyone who wanted to sell to us for pennies on the dollar”.

Of course I asked him if there was any ethics or morals or whether he had any regrets for his part. He explained that from a Western perspective there were two prevailing attitudes – the first being that ‘now we’re going to get those commies’, and there was a lot of feeling of pure spite and vengeful action, and the second was ‘now we’re going to own those Ruskis’. But on a business level, he said that it was imperative to get involved to maintain position in the marketplace.

Yet, back home in the US and into retirement, every year when it was time for the snow to fly, he bought a new Russian fur hat, and despite the ‘looks’ that he got from others, he wore that hat right through winter – this was quiet protest to what an individual moral man felt he had to do to survive in his industry. “My country right or wrong” is strong motivation and heady ideology, but for the moral man, it extracts a moral toll that needs to be paid. He has passed on now for many years, but I am continuing the tradition of Hats as Quiet Protest.

Get a yellow hat to compliment your yellow vest.

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