Peaceful & Productive Use of Drones

Drones have become an overly used technology for military purposes.  However, there are a number of non-aggressive uses for drones as well. 

Have a look at how drones were used at the Milan Fashion Week last year.

One of several drones used at the Dolce & Gabbana show to fly new handbags from the company’s fall/winter collection down the runway during Milan Fashion Week 2018.

Although drones are being used for commercial and marketing purposes in this instance, one of the best uses, in my opinion, is to gather farming data to feed a precision farming database based farm management system for analysis and improvement of small and large farming efficiency using organic, non-chemical, non-gmo techniques to grow healthy food.

A drone configured for agricultural use with camera and NDVI scanner

Here is a brief .pdf summary of Precision Agriculture as it applies to small farms.

If you have further interest, google “precision agriculture on small farms” or drop me a comment below and I will post some more about this and how it relates to permaculture and healthy and efficient growing on small farms.

And of course there is always my favorite open source small farming system – the FarmBot for your home garden.

By HelperBot

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