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In the Saker family, of course is our geopolitical home.  Yet, I find myself thinking about these things, so here are a few geopolitical noticeable events – fast and furious from the top of my head, and then some that I’ve been following and thinking about.  This is not necessarily for the geopolitical neophyte but more for those who actively follow world events:

A fast overview – Generally the current hegemon on our earth situated more or less in Washington, Brussels and perhaps still London, is getting much resistance, wherever it goes.  We see this in things like the sanctions on Iran, where new mechanisms are developed and most are refusing to obey US instituted Iran sanctions.  India for example is doing currency swops to buy what they want to buy wherever they want to buy it and we see more and more of these kinds of agreements to avoid trading with the dollar.

China is making massive changes with the expectation that the economic war will last a long time and the arrest in Canada of their high flying tycoon citizen did not help.  What really did not help is Bolton saying he knew about this arrest while eating a state dinner with Xi Jinping.  You remember another state dinner where Mr Trump said that he called airstrikes on Syria while eating chocolate cake with Xi Jinping.  This has not gone down well, and in fact will not go down at all.  China has stated that any trade negotiations will take place in a war scenario.

China is arming, Japan is arming and Russia remains armed and ready for war or for peace.

Russia has stated that they want to supply most of the world’s food, non-gmo and at least with grains they are up there for sure.

Japan and Russia will sign a long delayed peace agreement after WWII, as a peace agreement has never been signed – they will do something about the Kuril Islands or the Northern Islands that has been the problem in signing a peace agreement.

The Chinese OBOR has had a set-back because the US with its trade war changed the focus and everyone everywhere is protecting their markets.

Eurasia is still the place where most growth is taking place.

The (out)House of Saud played Trump – after the Kashogi killing where Trump exonerated the Clown Prince from murder for a lower oil price and military contracts, Saudi pumped for a week or so to reduce the oil price, only to reduce pumping again with the last OPEC meeting, saying that the US does not control OPEC decisions.

As we see NATO’s only job is to ring around Russia and they will fall apart, so OPEC is falling apart with members leaving although the Sauds are trying hard to fulfil Jared Kushner’s demand for a middle eastern NATO.   Last I looked, nobody elected Kushner and a great diplomat he is not.

The Koreas are making strides in making peace while people like Pompeo tries hard to slow it down – there was just new sanctions on some high level North Koreans to ‘punish’ them for their treatment of that fellow that was eventually exchanged – very ill and he died – Otto Warmbier.


But there is a massive difference in how the hegemon is being received these days.

Really noticeable but not much press: Russia has said they will militarily protect Venezuela.  Yes, you read that right and their militaries are training together.  This is of course a direct challenge to the Monroe Doctrine.–20181211-0002.html

We see from the hegemon punitive action, sanctions, trade wars and backroom maneuvering to try and get their power back, but wherever they go, they are now finding resistance to the push to be King of the World.  This King of the World thing is now clearly verbalized by various in the US administration.  Pompeo said it clearly and we’re back in the time where the US wants to own the world.

It is quite a sweet song that he is singing, excepting most of it is a big fat lie.

“Bad actors have exploited our lack of leadership for their own gain.  This is the poisoned fruit of American retreat.  President Trump is determined to reverse that.”


So, what we see from that Pompeo speech, is that America First only means America First as long as the rest of the world bows down.  And that is what has changed noticeably that it is America First vs the rest of the world – being sold on moral grounds with heavy dark deeds behind there.


In the US, looking in from the outside, I see a sea change.  This is not meant to be a myriad of complaints against Trump, but is rather to note the change that has taken place since the mid-terms from a geo-political perspective in the US side of the West.  This of course plays out now in France, Germany and the UK.  So, the first thing is that the rest of the world, non-Western, is fighting back against Western Hegemony.  It is so that the main actors of the hegemony is situated in the US.  It is also so that the US has angered most of their allies.  These statements are just factual.


So the background is that many of the international analysts called the moment that Mr Trump fired Flynn, as the moment that they knew Trump had sold out to the hegemonic powers.  We also know that Mr Trump personally and in his family are Israel supporters – on the zionist side.  Israel is getting come-uppance as Netanyahu is being hit with various court actions for graft.  Israel is also now denied the opportunity to go shoot into Syria just when they please because the Russians have much of the airspace closed down with the S400 missile defense system.   So, it may be that these things gave rise to what we see today, which is a backlash from supporters against Trump, and a backlash of the rest of the world against the US administration.


Looking in from the outside I see a crazy number of previous Trump supporters that are now just declaring that he has flamed out and is toast but that is one thing.  What people are saying, is that a hegemonic power (which we so glibly call the deep state) is again in charge.  Here are a few links and you can judge for yourself.  I’ll put the whole headline for an overview so that only those that want to, can go and read or listen.


From James Jatras, Analyst, former U.S. diplomat and foreign policy adviser to the Senate GOP leadership.

Sayonara, ‘America First’! We Hardly Knew Ye!


Tucker Carlson (we all know who he is)

Fox News host Tucker Carlson called it like he sees it in an excellent interview with the Swiss Weekly Die Weltwoche on Tuesday.


“In your book you speak a lot about people who attack Trump, but you actually don’t say very much about Trump’s record.
That’s true.
Do you think he has kept his promises? Has he achieved his goals?
He hasn’t?
No. His chief promises were that he would build the wall, de-fund planned parenthood, and repeal Obamacare, and he hasn’t done any of those things. There are a lot of reasons for that, but since I finished writing the book, I’ve come to believe that Trump’s role is not as a conventional president who promises to get certain things achieved to the Congress and then does. I don’t think he’s capable. I don’t think he’s capable of sustained focus. I don’t think he understands the system. I don’t think the Congress is on his side. I don’t think his own agencies support him. He’s not going to do that. ”


From Paul Craig Roberts (I know some do not like him, but his analysis is still sharp)

Trump Has Been Broken by the Military/Security Complex


From Tom Luongo – 2 videos and I place just the links, not the whole video


From the Robert Steele open intelligence site and by Kevin Barrett and Robert Steele

SPECIAL: Trump Appoints Top Drug Smuggling Assassination Operative from Bush Crime Family to be Attorney General UPDATE 2


From David Stockman (apologies for the Russia-Insider link .. I lost his original link) – Trump Can’t Drain the Swamp and Support the Empire – They’re the Same Thing


From Patrick Lang – An editorial on Trump’s methods


So, I have been following this of course over the past 2 years and have about 50 or more links (besides the ones that I forgot to bookmark) just since the mid-terms where serious, reliable and moral and honest bloggers and analysts within the USA are speaking out that Trump is now fully owned and basically toast – these were all Trump supporters or at least willing to give him a fair opportunity.  On the one Tom Luongo video he gets almost in tears, saying … WTF?  What are we going to do now?  He even states on some issues he will have to ask forgiveness from the democrats.


Externally, Putin made a statement that was only discussed in the Russian circles.  When Trump cancelled their meeting at the G20, Putin shrugged his shoulders and said:  “He is an adult”, talking about Trump.  What this of course means, is that Russia has given time for Trump to fix the internal US cracks but now, he is an adult and will have to take fair responsibility for the Administration’s actions.  From Russia, the message is … Our patience with you and the derangement syndrome has run out.

Right now Russia says they will make public the correspondence that they had with the US on election meddling.


We are generally all of us in a world of hurt.  We’re in hybrid warfare all over the world.  For myself what I’ve done is to only pay attention to those that are moral and have shown their honesty for a long time already.  For Trump, I never listened to commentary, but I listened to his speeches directly.  For Putin and his two partners, I listened to their speeches.  And so on … I avoided any media of any kind excepting those that I kinda know.  So I tried to get my info directly from the players and from those who pretend to run the world.  I come away from that with respect for few people only.


So, there are choices.  One can bunker in and just wait out the next few years, but that seems so damn boring.  Or one can continue learning from what is around us.  What is clear is that the fighting has to stop on our level and that we have to stop killing and disrespecting one another on someone else’s ideology.  First, we should figure how much mileage there is in human fighting human, while we are only being herded into different animal camps.   No single man is a modern day savior and Trump complains too much.  With a few exceptions, the state is always the enemy because they are the controllers.  Here is one such a proposal from the Sirius Report.


From the Sirius Report – Is It Time To End The Oversimplification Of Complex Deep State Issues?

I would suggest to give this one a full read and not just the excerpt below.


” The changes that are coming are to some extent beyond our comprehension and largely not in the way that too many people in the alternative media like to portray. There is a reality which needs to be faced, no matter how uncomfortable that makes us feel. To do otherwise is to swap one illusionary reality for another. There is some way to go on this journey and many challenges face humanity before we reach our intended destination. Nations in the west need to understand that political parties and systems have been used to divide and conquer their people for decades and beyond. As the deep states implodes they will seek to use these entities to further that agenda. That is precisely what we are witnessing now as people are polarised precisely at the time when they need to come together and realise who their common enemy is.

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