Occupy The Farm is an Occupy Success Story

By a collaborator:

Our son is working on an a detailed essay of the Occupy the Farm movement. We were at Soil Not Oil Sept 9-11. It was amazing. The Occupy The Farm movement that eventually became the UC Gill Tract Community Farm donated large quantities of fresh organic produce and fruits as Soil Not Oil provides locally grown food for all attendees to eat. It is awesome. What follows are links to the history of Occupy the Farm.

The story about Occupy The Farm is an Occupy success story. The success part never makes the Lamestream press.

Out of “Occupy the Farm” effort UC Berkeley in 2013 granted a 10 year agreement to preserve 10 acres North of Village Creek.


and timeline here:


It is a fact that privatization of public assets including land is happening at a quickening pace. What is sad is that students work for free to do research that develops patents that make corporations rich. Why is it that Land Grant Colleges (like UC Berkeley) fail to patent the research work their students do? Doing so would defer the cost of education thus making education affordable for all.

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