The End of Kings

Caitlin Johnstone is doing a wonderful job finding reality inside the confusion of the day:

And then, our eyes freed from the lies and manipulation and delusion, we can all be kings. And we can heal our planet together, and we can place a crown upon its head, and a new humanity can be born. A humanity that works in collaboration with itself and with its ecosystem. A harmonious humanity. A natural humanity. And that would be truly wonderful.

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  1. wilnav96

    Kings/Queens = Ego. They are the external manifestation of an internal tyrant in all of us. Today we have hidden the kings and queens behind corporations. We have many corporate items foisted on humanity.

    The most dangerous is that mass media and advertising is delivered to children long before the analytical ability or training to determine the truth of the message has been cultivated. THE MESSAGE of THE KING enters the mind unchallenged. The message is so subtle that the children grow up thinking it is coming from them. The ego king inside has been programmed via the media ( corporate king) long before the children have developed a mature brain. Long before they can challenge the message by logical inquiry. We have all been programmed.

    We are being herded toward Global Cities. Just scan the page and look at the panel ( ) and then again this year ( ). CAFOs have you hear/herd of these. Confined Animal Feeding Operations. From my point of view Global Cities are “Human CAFOs”.

    So as children we are programmed. We eat corporate food, McDonalds KFC etc. and all the junk in super markets and convenience stores. We get corporate gut. As science is beginning to telling us the gut/brain connection couldn’t be stronger. Thus the King/ego in the head is supported by the screaming ache in our gut for junk food and junk entertainment and junk excitement. We are captive.

    We are also cut off from the Earth from the farmer in a word from our MOTHER. So while the “End of Kings” is inspiring, it is naive. Unless we dethrone the King/Queen inside, reconnect deeply with the Earth by supporting regenerative agriculture and pushing back against GlobalCities we will just end up being FEEDLOT minds and bodies. Even less than surfs and slaves.

    I was a Soil not Oil with my family in SF (Sunday thru Tuesday). There is another way. But it takes work. Money as a concept whether paper, gold or bitcoin, does not exist in nature. If we denominated all exchange/energy in simple calories and then assigned a value to them we would find that no one really is more valuable than anyone else. We would find that we need all living beings for our sanity and health. We would find there is no way we could afford fossil-fuel/Atomic powered technology, it just cost to much in real terms.

    But we have bought into the idea of money. Still a Biblical prophesy states that in “One hour so great of riches comes to naught”. In one hour! The KING is the fiction of money. It isn’t wealth. It is of the mind. When we know that, the at that moment Riches come to naught because we will regenerate our mind see the King has no clothes and regenerate this Earth. We will make an Eden. We will come back to Gaia.

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