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The Sirius Report: With London Paul – September 4th 2018

August was quite the month of both theater as well as real political shifts. This is a short summary of London Paul taking a look at the landscape (Video below):

China – we see a plethora of anti-Chinese rhetoric and discrediting of Belt and Road. No, the wheels have not fallen off the Belt and Road initiative. Paul discusses Malaysia, Thailand and Pakistan, Maldives plus others, and projects that are supposedly being scaled back. The important issue to understand is that the Belt and Road initiative is mostly a cash project and not funded by debt.

Listening to a Catherine Austin Fitts interview, the interviewer asked her to explain economics. Fitts of course laughed and said it is like explaining cooking. There are many recipes and many ways to use Economic Tools. Paul discusses the US Debt Buying (is there anyone out there buying?), the Exchange Stabilization Fund and the Yuan in relation to gold and silver and paper gold. This section makes some of the Economic tools understandable.

Africom, US influence in Africa and military attaches outnumbering diplomats, specical operations and downplaying what is exactly going on. Construction is going on and bases remain operational .. 134 forward operating bases and others that of course, we do not know about. Here is one: US Drone War In Africa Set To Expand In Coming Months

Pepe Escobar gave us this Tour de force regarding the geo-political moves in Africa.

It’s Africa’s choice: AFRICOM or the New Silk Roads

Those in the know explain that the true intent here is not only to resist Russia and China, but clear and obvious ownership of the Dark Continent. What is Africom really doing? The American presence is exactly out of the neocon playbook. Drone attacks are in violation of US law itself, explains Paul.

In his discussion on Iran, he finds no difference in US policy toward Iran now vs past administrations. Regime change is the order of the day and nothing has changed excepting the dressing up of the issue. Cornering Iran is still the objective here with an overthrow of the Iranian government and installation of a Western sympathizer government.

Paul proposes that there will be no war with North Korea despite the factions in the US baying for a war. The US is now playing 2nd fiddle to the Koreans. Trump had to go to speak to Kim Jong-Un. He had to go as he was told to go. North Korea has no intention of denuclearizing and everyone blames China. NK, China and SK will go on and do exactly what they want to do despite US interference. Most are ignoring the sanctions and the cancellation of the Pompeo meeting is a face saving measure only as the US is realizing it has no say whatsoever in what is happening in NK. The US trade war is spilling over into matters with NK and elsewhere.

Trumps foreign policy has been hijacked. The Chinese will be in a supportive position and the Koreans will eventually unify.

Russia and China needs to deal with these matters as they present themselves and according to what they see wrt the US . After the midterms the US is going to have to make some serious moves to demonstrate that they are serious because we cannot expect Russia and China to give endless latitude until Trump changes the situation internally in the US, some threats to the rest of the world is removed, assuming that is his plan.

After the mid-terms toward the end of the year Russia and China will have to start treating the administration as it behaves.

Germany – London Paul is convinced that a new political system is imminent in Germany. He quotes the far right riots in the old East Germany and information appearing that there is collusion between a political party and the far right extremists. He considers this a serious political upheaval and the jury is out whether these protest will spread further.

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