Healing the “Incurable” : Jeremy Ayres interviewing Phil Escott

“Arthritis, the best thing that ever happened to me” – Part 1

Jeremy interviews Phil Escott who healed himself of advanced Rheumatoid Arthritis. Phil is particularly interesting as he had  fully explored both sides of the healing spectrum, including vegetarianism, raw veganism and more, to discover that these only made his dis-ease worse. Phil’s story is fascinating, because he had to embrace the facts that the recommended diet protocols were simply not working – no matter how strictly he followed them – and once he began a keto(genic) diet and then 100% carnivore his healing rapidly took place. His knowledge and insight are second to none and importantly he shares how diet is only part of healing dis-ease. His true healing only completed once he worked on the mental/emotional aspects of dis-ease (that he thought he didn’t need) and also addressing the scourge of our time blue light and EMF pollution.  Phil has gone on to write an Amazon best selling book about his journey and now is sought after for talks, interviews and one-to-one consultations to help others. He is candid, funny, knowledgeable and immensely patient with those that struggle with his insights as many later come to him as their health fails. Enjoy part 1 of our interview.


Jeremy remains available for consultations for the Saker Community.  You may contact him here.

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  1. SDawg

    I have thought for a long time that conventional medicine, with their emphasis on drug therapy, was really only good to set bones. They have very little success with chronic diseases like RA.

    I had a good friend who had advanced RA and it went into remission after 3 years of alternative therapies. Lot of trial by error and being attentive to alternative treatments. Homeopathy, Kinesiology, Chiropractic, Deep tissue massage, Acupuncture, Full body Massage therapy, Ultrasound, Physiotherapy, Hydro-therapy, Meditation and emphasis on diet, particularly low carb and vegetarian avoiding deadly night shade veg plus limited balanced non-red meat protein.

    Thanks for this article, Jeremy.

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