A Run around the World

We are all feeling the chaos in the world today, at least those of us who are keen watchers of what is being offered up as acceptable for human life.  This is a run around the world as she presents herself to us today.

The US:

Charles Hugh Smith tell us how systems and nations fail.  He says:

This is how systems and nations fail: nobody chose the current broken system, but now it can’t be changed because the incentive structure locks in embedded processes that enrich self-serving insiders at the expense of the system, nation and its populace.”


Russia from a Christian Perspective:

As the Western world becomes more aggressively godless, more people have been looking towards Russia as the last place where they are free to raise a Christian family and lead a life of faith. Some have made the ultimate step and moved to Russia in their search for a Christian society where the establishment supports Christian values and beliefs and is not trying to destroy them.


And for those that want to take a quick peek, here is a listing site and look how very very pretty!  https://www.domofond.ru/prodazha

China is interesting now:

There is this saying in among the peaceniks:  What if there is a War and nobody came?  Perhaps we are seeing something like this.  The Chinese language in describing the trade wars has changed.  Usually the language or linguistics from China is very respectful and nuanced and sometimes so nuanced that it is hard to figure out where China is coming from.  Initially, after the trade and tariffs tit for tat between the US and China started, China was clear in saying:  You wanna war?  Well, don’t be so sure because you may start it, but we will finish it.  Trade wars of course inevitably roll around to currency wars and looking at a currency war, China says that it would be somewhat boring.  Perhaps someone in Washington will call a war, but we don’t think we will participate.

What this tells us, is that China is not any longer taking the US into consideration with their economic policy.  I think the US is now going to be hurt.

China does not want to fight either a trade war or a currency war. If the US must label someone a so-called currency manipulator, the one who is manipulating the yuan to give Chinese exporters an edge in the global market is Washington.


And finally, something from Mexico:

Mexico is moving South and East for trade and perhaps a different North to buy grains.  I picked up a piece of news that the Mexican Hot Sauces are being welcomed all over in the Middle-East and some sauce makers are now diverting any exports to new markets.






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  1. SDawg

    Thanks for this article. Looks to me like the US is cutting their own throat economically and their trade wars are back firing. Hooray – the empire is crumbling and is prime for meaningful change. Bring on Cryptos!

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