Net Neutrality – a SNR problem

One of our members selected the space of net neutrality as his activist part of the struggle for human freedom and as such, he works for all of us. This is what he says:

Net Neutrality a SNR Problem

SNR stands for signal to noise ratio. When the signal is strong and the noise is low the message gets through clearly. We met 40 protesters at Rep McClintock of District 4 California office. Everyone had an issue. Every issue was valid. The signal Net Neutrality for All was lost in the noise of issues.

Net Neutrality is of strategic importance to those who wish to understand the workings and currents of thought and actions swirling in the world. Without it, it is doubtful that I would have found the Saker and other news and idea sources to facilitate wise choices for directing our live toward the future.

Each of the protesters realized Net Neutrality was an important issue. But what about the Dreamers, The Wall, Children separated from their parents at the border, and more. So much noise. Meaningful noise for each person’s point of view. Easy for a House of Representative to ignore Net Neutrality saying it isn’t an issue in his district.

SNR; Signal “Net Neutrality” Noise “All the REAL other issues” ratio – this means it will be a long hard road to re-establish Net Neutrality


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  1. SDawg

    SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) is a real term in electronic communications. It is the mathematical ratio of the measure of the power of the signal containing information (like voice or video or data streams) to the power of the electromagnetic noise signal being received at the same time (ie static) When the ratio is high, the information signal comes through loud and clear and the static noise is inconsequential and can easily be filtered out by the receiver (either by electronics or your ear or eyes). If the ratio is low, for example 1, it means the noise is as strong as the desired signal and often makes the main signal incomprehensible. Obviously less than 1 and it all sounds like noise. So when the noise exceeds a certain threshold, the main information gets denigrated and lost.

    SNR problems happen everywhere these days. – social media, in the press, in speeches, in discussions, on TV and Radio. – It seems to be the way of the world these days – don`t engage in a meaningful and and honest discussion – just shout the other guy down, criticize the person, attack the person not the idea, and in this way his points disappear and become part of the noise. Or skillfully create alternative news and issues that confuse the message, creat FUD, and make the message disappear in the noise. (fake news, false flags?)

    So I agree – Net Neutrality is an SNR problem, but IMO it’s not just Net Neutrality these days!?!……

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