We May Just Have it all Wrong – Food for Thought

This is a 3 part documentary from Director Tom Shadyac.  He speaks with intellectual and spiritual leaders about what’s wrong with our world and how we can improve both it and the way we live in it. Consider, the basis of our nature is cooperation and democracy. It is in our DNA.

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  1. William

    We still need to gardens. Like Occupy the Farm in Berkeley. There was a garden there. Part of it was lost to a Sprout store. Unfortunately only the upper middle class can buy food there. There is still a small Occupy the Farm. It feeds the poor food superior to Sprouts.

    We need to feed our health Earth and Self. Else the Earth will move on without us. I believe that is why we have been cut off from the Earth.

    something to think about.

  2. William

    Thank you.

    Bees demonstrate abstract thought, symbolic language, advanced visual perception, neuronal neuroplastic changes, decision-making, and planning. They learn through symbolic language and transfer these memories to specific spatial abilities including the ability to find the shortest distances between many different types of scenes and flowers. They can count, sequence, and combine concepts.

    These capacities are in the individual bee, with a very small brain, one million neurons, versus humans 100 billion. This intelligence is in the individual bee not a mysterious “hive intelligence” (used to explain away their individual capacities) anymore than our intelligence is in the internet or society. With such advanced capacities in bees, as well as cognitive abilities in microbes, intelligence and mind in nature must be reconsidered.

    Ten microbe cells and a hundred viruses surround every single human cell. If we count the signals produced from genes of human origin, those from microbe genes inside the human body outnumber those from human genes by 100 times. We could not survive without the constant chatter from microbes. The intelligence of human cells is intimately tied to the discourse with microbe societies (see post on Cancer).
    With a flood of new research information on the microbiome (all of the microbes in and around us), the very advanced abilities of microbes are just now being recognized. Microbes could not have these abilities without cognitive processes inside the microbe cell.

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