POKÉMON IN UKRAINE: Tactical War Game Introduction MANUAL


War Game Manuals Book 1

The first of a series, our own Scott Humor’s new Manual is now available on Amazon.

Just in time and on the button topical, this manual with 433 pages and over 200 images to help clarify understanding, seeks to fill the void and educate the population on augmented reality war games by their architects and players, the overt and covert Wargames that Warmongers Play, to draw you, and me and those that are peaceful, into their diabolical game.

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The intriguing part is that:

“Not much is written or discussed in public about augmented reality war games by their architects and players, due to their biggest weakness: they are successful as long as they can pretend to be something else.”

If you followed the news just in this last week, you will know that this knowledge is essential to be able to make sense of War Games and Countergames that those who are warmongers play in our world today.

Scott says :

“There are also multiple virtual reality VR and augmented reality AR games that blur the line between virtual and real and make players to cross over between these two distinct realms. An augmented reality war game is a combination of all of them.”

And, this is the reason in bold, why the Saker Community, researchers, analysts, lay analysts and watchers absolutely need to study this material:

“Understanding what constitutes and defines war games and specifically AR War Games is a prerequisite to their successful recognition, de-mystification, stalling and dismantling. There isn’t now, no there never will be a “victory” in any AR war game for non-gamers, since playing a war game, for anyone but the Game Masters, means losing it, since the main objective of any AR war game is to pull into the war non-players. From the moment of its inception, an AR war game must be handled as a malicious software program that requires one or more anti-viruses to disable its functions and to dismantle its blocks of augmented reality erected by its players.”

To follow through and accent the gaming theme, Scott titled his book

Tactical War Game Introduction MANUAL

This book is in a digital format only, to keep the price reasonable. Those who do not like the Amazon format are not left out in the cold though. A free Calibre eBook Management to convert Amazon format into other formats, including .pdf can be found here.

It is our strong recommendation that The Saker readers understand this material, especially this first volume, which is an overview.

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Kindly leave a recommendation on Amazon to support Scott, one of the rare and most excellent analyst-truth-speakers in our community.

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