Zapek Software Engineering – A Game Changer

We are so pleased to introduce you to Zapek, a Saker Volunteer who creates disruptive technologies to change our worlds.  Simply stated, Zapek creates technological solutions.  Even more simply stated, those could be anything from the next space flight to a smart fridge.

If you need software and programming assistance, Zapek is your Man!  And don’t forget to ask all your kids, all your kids friends, everyone that you know in the business world to take a look at Zapek’s Skills.

Zapek works and solves problems right in the guts of the software world and has expertise in the following:

Android applications

We’ve been developing Android applications since 2011 and successfully delivered many polished and high availability projects. We usually concentrate on native code in Java and sometimes a C/C++ library.

Windows applications

We also develop Windows applications in Java or C++.

REST API backends

Most client applications can be greatly enhanced with a fast and scalable backend. We have expertise in writing RESTful backends in Java or PHP using a MySQL database.

Unix daemons

Writing a well behaving Unix daemon isn’t easy. We have experience in writing iterative, pluggable servers in C for specific applications.

Web development

Do you need a way to administer your business from any location? We successfully changed the life of many customers with a responsive, friendly and efficient web site tailored to their very specific needs. We mostly use PHP and/or Angular JS for rapid frontend development.

Linux servers

We specialize in installation, optimization and administration of Linux servers with technologies like WordPress, Apache, MySQL, courier mail as well as proper server monitoring and backups.

Reverse engineering

Do you need access to an undocumented API or interoperability with a strange protocol? We have strong experience of API reimplementation and documentation of network protocols.

Search Engine Optimization

You have a good web site but is it visible enough? Ask us for our full SEO analysis package which will help you to implement the right decisions and avoid wasting time and money.

Contact Zapek directly from his home page :

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