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We introduce Yuri Orlow, a Classical Homeopath from Australia and a truly wonderful and committed human being.

As a homeopath I am commited to bring you back to health and I pay very close attention to all of your symptoms, no matter how unimportant they may seem. This is because each person responds to illness in an individual way and so displays his or her own unique symptoms. I will finally select the most appropriate remedy for your condition, and so begins the process of restoring your health.




Here is an overview of what Homeopathy is;

If you’ve had experience with Homeopathy, good or bad, this is the place to discuss this mode of alternative health.  If Yuri introduces something that is of interest to you, feel free to contact him through his website and mention that you come from The Saker Community.   As Yuri is from Australia, he can obviously not prescribe in the US, but any homeopathic remedy can be found in the US at Hahneman Laboratories.

You will find that every country in the world to my knowledge has a homeopathy formulator or laboratory.


Contact Yuri directly from his home page :

As this is such a hot topic for discussion, the Saker’s moderation policy will apply very strictly.

This is a new topic for  It is intended to be an investigation of alternatives, a discussion of what works and what not, a discovery of alternatives for those who feel that they have none and a focus on eventually again owing our own health instead of being beholden to today’s ‘factory’ medicine without alternatives and without respect for alternatives.

By Alternative Health Field I mean the field of health that is generally considered non-allopatic and in many cases, traditional.
Allopathic Medicine Definition: Allopathic medicine refers broadly to medical practice that is also termed Western medicine, evidence-based medicine, or modern medicine.

We include the health field that is a blend of allopathic processes and alternative processes, generally known as integrative medicine.   We include TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Ayuveda (Traditional Indian Medicine), Naturopathy, Osteopathy, Herbology, Homeopathy and other alternative methodologies that are valid and health giving.  We exclude the overlapping circles of Big Pharma, Big Ag, and the medical and health community that feeds into those circles.

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